Public Art Wednesday: Spotlight on Ileana Collazo


Ileana Collazo is an extraordinary artists who is currently residing in Miami.  Born in Cuba, she has lived all over the place, including Spain, New York, Vermont and Massachusetts.  Ileana’s passion for art began when she was a child in her grandmothers garden.  She drew inspiration from the beautiful and colorful flowers that her grandmother planted.

She began her artistic journey writing poems and fiction.  Eventually her art became her paintings and she was inspired to create her “Night Gardens Collection.” Today Ileana’s art includes digital paintings, geometric excursions, bursts of abstract shapes and colors and GRAMFFITI, which she describes as the first graffiti made by a grandma, for which she was baptized.

Ileana describes her paintings as, “her gift to the world and everyone who falls in love with them.”  She explains that her artwork represents the twists, turns and bumps that we all face in life.

Today, Ileana lives in Miami with her husband Miguel, her four dogs and her one cat.  She continues to make and promote art at her Collazo Art Studio.

Check out the artwork done by Lleana: Here!   

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-Samantha Wagner

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