Talk About it Tuesday: UberX and Lyft Controversy


UberX and Lyft Services are currently illegal in Miami, but stopping them from being used may be harder than the Miami-Dade law enforcement for sees. In short UberX and Lyft are similar to hailing a cab except you can just download an app on your phone which allows you to name the location you want to be picked up and the location you want to be taken too. UberX and Lyft have a large emphasis on customer service. In their training they focus on the importance of making riders feel comfortable so they want to use the service again. An interesting thing about Uber and Lyft is that at the end of the ride the driver and passenger rate their experience in the car. Allowing for drivers to know if the passenger is inappropriate or driver, vice versa.

Though UberX and Lyft services are currently illegal, drivers don’t seem to be afraid to continue working. Caught drivers will be fined up to $2000, but the companies stated that these are just another start up cost for them. They feel confident that eventually their services will be legal.   Cab drivers are currently frustrated with these new forms of transportation, but are at a loss for a solution. In the end everyone is just trying to make some extra money. New York City and Boston, to name a few are two cities that have currently embraced the UberX and Lyft car services and it has worked out nicely for them.

As Miami residents how do you feel about the new UberX and Lyft services being legalized? Do you think it will hurt the current public transportation system, or do you think it will just allow people with more options? Let us know on twitter! Tweet us at @Loop305 with the hash tag #TalkAboutitTuesday


-Samantha Wagner

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