Financial Meltdown at Cannonball 6/26/14

Financial Meltdown @ Cannonball
car_with_textThursday, June 26, 7:00 p.m.
1035 North Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33136
Free and open to the public

‘Dad, what is a financial crisis?’ Without trying to be funny, I said, ‘it’s something that happens every five to seven years.’
â–ª Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan Chase

It’s time to smash our concept of debt…and dance!!! The Financial Meltdown begins with Cannonball Artist-in-Resident Cassie Thornton leading an open public forum about the effects of debt on the unconscious, its ability to cross class divides, and its terrifying social impacts.

Audience members will join Thornton in conversation with selected professionals working within the realm of finance and who, over the course of Thornton’s one-month residency, participated in “Debt Visualizations”—a hypnotherapeutic process facilitated by Thornton to imagine a physical form of debt. The discussion will reveal a collective experience of debt as a psychological, emotional, and intellectual force that affects all of us, regardless of class or income.

Following the public discussion, guests will release their debt-related frustrations by pummeling large-scale piñatas—a tree, a thorny rose, a cloud, a menacing monolith, etc.—that embody ideas and feelings of personal debt. The ensueing relief will result in a Financial Meltdown (a.k.a. dance party).
For more details about this event, please contact us at or 786.347.2360.

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