Talk About it Tuesday: MIAMI SOUP

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MIAMI SOUP is a grassroots model for funding small to medium-sized projects that enhance the quality of community life in Miami. MIAMI SOUP uses a simple method that brings together the community by serving them supper, soup, salad, bread and a beverage. These meals generate profits that will go directly back into the community.

The purchase of a meal gives the community member an opportunity to cast a vote for what they would like to see improved in the community. The money made from these meals goes directly towards the neighborhood issue that received the most votes. MIAMI SOUP brings people together and gives them chance to be directly involved in improving their communities.

MIAMI SOUP was created to make change easier and less complicated in communities. MIAMI SOUP allows for people to not only donate money, but to have their voices be heard about what they want to see change. MIAMI SOUP sparks dialogue between community members who may have normally not gotten together. MIAMI SOUP is also not affected by the restrictions laid out by private and governmental grants. This allows them to take on projects and make changes more efficiently.

Haven’t heard of MIAMI SOUP? Check them out here: MIAMI SOUP

And check out their next event, Thursday, July 10, 6:00pm-9:00pm, Grand Central, 697 North Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33136

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-Samantha Wagner

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