Local Heroes: Spotlight, Good Hope Equestrian Training Center


Redland, Florida, is an agricultural area in metropolitan Miami. Redland is home to farmland, botanical gardens and bird sanctuaries. Not only is Redland a beautiful place to visit, but it is also a place for healing.

Horses for Heroes is a program which uses horse therapy to help soldiers readjust to regular life after returning from war. Good Hope Equestrian Training Center is a bucolic setting where over 400 disabled children, youth and adults can find independence while working with horses. Good Hope owns 20 acres of land in the Redlands. They have two riding areas, a sensory horse trail, an outdoor picnic area and a clubhouse.  The clubhouse is accessible to anyone with a disability. Redland has five PATH certified riding instructors and 14 program assistants all who have a combined total of over 85 years working in therapeutic horse back riding.

Redland offers a variety of programs. With individual and group sessions, there is something for everyone. Each session varies so that each person can get the best experience possible based on his or her disability. Redland strives to give participants a healthy outlet to share their common love of horses with others, while also awakening their senses and healing.

Here are some of the four-legged heroes themselves:


For more information, check out, Good Hope Equestrian Center, located at, 22155 SW 147th Ave

Miami, Florida 33170 and give them a call at (305) 258-2838

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-Samantha Wagner


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