Public Art Wednesday: Juan Fernández Rivera


Don’t miss your chance to check out Puerto-Rican artist, Juan Fernández Rivera, more commonly known as, Jufe. Jufe will be hosting his art exhibition, “Newspeak,” at the YoAmo305 gallery in Wynwood. “Newspeak,” is a series that will explore the language that is redefining how we communicate, also known as Emoji’s.

Jufe attended the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. It was there where Jufe developed his skills for space and his perception and form. Through designing, Jufe gravitated towards continuous traces and line forms. These two elements have impacted his artistic style in his more previous works.

Jufe has always had a passion for public art and sees abandoned surroundings as an opportunity to create something beautiful. Jufe worked with a street art group called La Pandilla, which secured him a place, not only the US street art scene, but the Latin American art scene as well.

More recently Jufe’s artistic style has developed into a refined form of intricate tracing, wire framing and pointillism. Jufe uses a combination of different painting surfaces and acrylics to give his artwork immense quality and depth. Jufe is one of the best plastic artists in Puerto Rico of his generation and continues to grow and expand his work.

Head to the YoAmo305 Gallery located at, 2311 NW 2nd Ave, Miami FL, 33127, every week day (except for Tuesday) from 1-4pm to check out Jufe’s exhibition until June 14th!

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-Samantha Wagner

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