Talk About it Tuesday: B.E.A.T. Bringing Education and Art Together


B.E.A.T. is a nonprofit organization based in New York City that has created a space for urban youth to thrive and get involved in the community. B.E.A.T. was created to give the students who are overlooked or underprivileged a chance to participate in some awesome programs.  B.E.A.T. currently offers three programs for students, Beat Rockers, Beat Breakers and Beat Makers.

Beat Rockers is a program created to teach the blind or visually impaired students how to beat box. Instructed by Taylor McFerrin and Chesney Snow, Beat Rockers was created to empower its students by not teaching them how to play an instrument, but teaching them how they themselves are the instruments. The second program called, Beat Breakers, directed by Ken Swift and Bboy WaAak1, is an after school Bboy/Bgirl program, which teaches students break dancing and the history of how it began. The third program called, Beat Makers is an after-school career development and music production program run on the iPad2 by instructor Michael Edwards, also known as DJ Dhundee. This program teaches students all aspects of what it takes to be a producer and teaches them that it takes hard work, professionalism and devotion to succeed in a career.

All programs at B.E.A.T. are free and all programs have been designed to inspire students by engaging them in challenging and exciting activities. B.E.A.T.’s mission is to help mold a new generation of leaders and creative thinkers who will not only inspire themselves, but also inspire the generations to come.

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-Samantha Wagner

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