Music Monday: Raffa and Rainer

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If you haven’t heard of Miami natives and musical duo Raffa and Rainer, you are missing out! Raffa and Rainer have lived in Miami for a combined 58 years and their music has a unique laid back Miami flair.   It all began in 2005 when Raffa Jo Harris and Rainer Davies got together playing weekly at The Tree of Zion vegan café. They started off playing for small crowds and have been making music together ever since!   After that they went on to play at Can You Rock a Little Softer, a weekly open mic, which was hosted from 2007-2009 at Churchhill’s Pub in Miami. Sometimes they would only make $10 per night, but that didn’t discourage them from continuing to perform! They didn’t necessarily make the money they were looking for at Can You Rock a Little Softer, but they did gain a large following and earn a lot of respect in the Miami music scene.

Due to the respect they gained, Raffa and Rainer had no trouble when it came to finding support for the creation of their albums. They put out their first album in 2005 called, Stolen Coal and their more recent album is titled, No Mercy, which they produced in 2009.  The Miami New Times Best Of Awards dubbed Raffa and Rainer the Best Acoustic Performers of Miami in 2010. Check out their music and these two folk legends in the Miami music scene here:

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-Samantha Wagner

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