Life Is Art presents Art/Work Connections #20: Social Relations with John Mahoney 6/10/14

Life Is Art presents Art/Work Connections #20: Social Relations with John Mahoney
AWC20-FlyerWebTuesday, June 10, 6:30pm-9:00pm
SeaFair MegaYacht
100 Chopin Plaza, Dock
Downtown Miami, FL 33131
Tickets $10 (pay at the door)
Please pre-register
Space Is Limited: Please Pre-Register Early
IMPORTANT NOTE: We are going to be on a ship! So, bring your ID! We will not be sailing, but they often require ID’s to board the ship, anyway.
Hashtag #ArtWorkCon

Subject: Creating Real Relationships through Social Media
Speaker: John Mahoney
Consultant, Social Media Connector

6:30-7:00, Registration
7:00-8:00, Seminar
8:00-9:00, Q&A Social Hour

Art/Work Connections is a monthly series of seminars presented by Life Is Art featuring business professionals speaking on a variety of topics vital to the success of working artists. This month we are covering real relationships, something that is key for emerging artists, and even experienced artists. Throwing your work out into social media and hoping for the best is just a waste of time, even though that is many artists’ strategy. Come and learn how to make real human connections through social media to create new friends, fans, clients, buyers and collaborators.

This month we have a very exciting venue. We are going to be on the beautiful, $40M megayacht SeaFair! It is a gorgeous floating art fair with amazing views of the Bay and Downtown. We only have a limited number of seats available, so please be sure to register early.

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