The Unfinished Black Civil Rights Agenda An Encore Repeat Event 5/8/14

The Unfinished Black Civil Rights Agenda An Encore Repeat Event
Thursday, 05/08/2014 – 05:30 pm – 07:30 pm
2230 N.W. 21 Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

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In her 2013 article, “Trayvon Martin, Race, and Anthropology,” Dr. Leith Mullings (President, American Anthropological Association) spoke out, stepped up to, and challenged, conventional wisdom regarding “diversity.”

“Diversity,” wrote Mullings, “has become a threadbare term used… to refer to almost any type of variation… [while] admirable…[diversity, expanded, fails] to address the historical injustices of racial exclusion…[and] obscures the systemic character of racism in the United States.

All forms of discrimination are lamentable, but they are not equal, nor even necessarily comparable, [they]…require different interventions.”

By 2015, our nation will have commemorated several of those key, momentous, interventions targeting extant anti-Black/pro-White racist world-views, laws, systems, beliefs, attitudes, customs, and practices.

To date, Civil Rights laws throughout south Florida, and across our nation, have failed:
(i) To End White Privilege,
(II) To Abolish, what the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called, the “Disease of Racism,” and
(III) To Close the resulting disparities lived by diverse Black men, women, and children through Euro-centric Educational, Medical, Military and Prison Industrial Complexes.

Even With President Barak Hussein Obama In The White House!

Accordingly, for Dr. Mary Francis Berry (Longtime Former Chairwoman, the United States Commission on Civil Rights), and despite the frenzy over Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Rights, “the crux of the problem today is there is no [Black] civil rights movement…[ because] President Obama is the prize in the minds of most people… at the end of the struggle… [He] was our payoff…” She added, “There will be a [re-vitalized] civil rights movement when Obama is no longer president [and]problems that Black people have remain!”

Unfinished Black Civil Rights Agenda Items
(10 of 365 identified)
(1) Psychological Residuals & Legacy of White European Trans-Atlantic Slavery and Trade of Black African Slaves.
(2) Need for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
(3) Financial Reparations to ALL Documented Descendants of Black African Slaves.
(4) Elimination of Mass Incarceration of Black Boys and Men.
(5) Re-Construction of the Black Nuclear and Extended Families.
(6) Elimination of Anti-Black Stereotypes.
(7) Ongoing Apologies to descendants of Black African Slaves.
(8) Elimination of ongoing attacks on Black Pan- African Organizational Unity.
(9) Re-Inclusion of Black Males positively in the public and private imageries of the United States at home and abroad.
(10) Increase in U.S. Foreign Aid / Assistance to ALL nations in Black Sub- Saharan Africa.

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