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A rare word from the Publisher, James Echols:
You all know I rarely write here, but this is something that I know you will want to hear about. I have taken the time to put this together just as a benefit to you, our readers, because this program has been so convenient for us, saving us much time and money, and I know it will for you, as well.

How many times have you gotten a parking ticket because you forgot how long you parking lasted, or you just did not want to go back out to add time to the meter? Many, I am sure. Certainly, the new electric parking meters, that take credit cards and paper cash have been helpful, but far better than those is the City Of Miami Pay By Phone program.

Go and register now and download the app to your smart phone. Do it now. Now! You will be so thankful you did. Not only will you never have to wait in line at those meters, anymore, but you will never have to worry about getting a parking ticket, ever again. Have you registered, yet?

Once you have registered online, it is very easy to use: open the app, type in your location, type in the time you wish to park, wait for confirmation, and you are done. You can even do it walking down the street, saving you precious minutes in your busy schedule. Not only that, but Pay by Phone texts you when your parking is about to expire! Then you can just re-up using the app without ever leaving your party. Go Register Now!

Note that this recommendation is entirely unpaid, we are just doing this for the benefit of our readers. For more information, I reached out to the Miami Parking Authority and and this is what they sent me:


Pay By Phone Background

  • Pay By Phone was founded in 2000 by Verrus.
  • Verrus is a leading provider of mobile commerce payment systems.
  • Verrus pioneered Pay By Phone services in North America.
  • Verrus established the first Pay By Phone parking service in 2001.
  • Since then Pay By Phone has processed millions of parking transactions by mobile phone in a large number of cities and towns worldwide.
  • Pay By Phone Pioneered by Miami Parking Authority
  • Pay By Phone was first launched in Miami on May 28, 2008.
  • Miami was the first parking authority in Florida to adopt Pay By Phone.
  • On May 28, 2014, Miami Parking Authority will celebrate the sixth anniversary of the adoption of Pay By Phone in Miami.
  • With the addition of Coral Gables to the Pay By Phone portfolio, this service is now available in three contiguous municipalities in Miami Dade (Miami, South Miami and Coral Gables) thus making it easier for customers to parking using only one mobile app.

How Pay By Phone Works

  • Pay By Phone is the most convenient way to pay for parking.
  • Once customers register for Pay By Phone ( and download the free mobile app, they are ready to park.
  • It only takes three easy steps: 1) park and enter the location number found on the signage or parking meter; 2) enter the number of minutes desired; and 3) click to confirm parking.
  • Pay By Phone users love the text message reminders alerting them that their parking session is about to expire. At that point, they have the ability to add more time from anywhere without having to rush back to the meter.
  • Another advantage is that customers do not need to carry coins, bills or place Pay and Display receipts on their dashboards.
  • Parking enforcement officers know that customers have or have not paid when they scan the license plate of the vehicle.
  • Other great features include email receipts (ideal for submitting travel expenses).
  • Customers can add multiple vehicles to their account.
  • Pay By Phone can be used in any Smart phone, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

“We have achieved a new momentum in reaching our goal of providing easier, convenient and reliable parking solutions for our customers,” said Rolando Tapanes, Director of Planning and Development, Miami Parking Authority. This important milestone is a key to our mission. At MPA, we are constantly searching for customer-driven, innovative products and services in order to make their parking experience more efficient.”

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