Sea Salt and Pepper with a Side of Swank


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We are admirable proponents of aquatic-side dining. It adds a touch of serenity to the meal and amplifies the experience. We were fortunate enough to have a Chef’s tasting at the new Sea Salt and Pepper in the company of our new friends who happen to be a foodie writer couple like us. Do you know what happens when four foodies get together to dine? No leftovers.

Situated right off of the Miami River by the fresh fish market, we were tremendously impressed with how beauteous this place was. The architecture is exquisite and we caught ourselves admiring the place throughout dinner taking in the ambience. The restaurant is colossal with ample seating indoors, outdoors and at the bar. The water skyline paints a majestic backdrop that is visible from both the inside and the dockside seating. Sea-faring tycoons may navigate their yacht and dock it there, if they are so inclined. We do not know if aqua valet is extra. For your reading pleasure, we will highlight our favorite dishes of the night.

The Grilled Octopus ($18) was thick, fresh and juicy. The luxurious tentacles shimmered with a pretty purple hue and were quickly consumed off the plate. Octopus is usually served in some variation of sauce, so it was a nice treat to sample it with only olive oil, lemon zest and fresh herbs. It really helped us appreciate how delicious naked octopus tastes.


The Black Truffle Veal Chop ($46) was by far the table’s darling dish of the night. It was a sizable portion that was wood fire oven roasted to perfection. The chop was soft as velvet and erupting with alluring truffilized baby cow nectar. The bone was literally gnawed on and sucked caveman style. Putting truffle on anything is usually a great idea but lathering it on a succulent veal chop is fu*king brilliant.


The Classic Seasalt Seafood ($70) is a platter that is $35 a person that requires a minimum order of two people. It is a cornucopia of tasty sea critters with dungeness crab, lobster, jumbo shrimp and fish soaking in a solid tomato broth. We gave them a touching and joyous burial in our mouths.


Sea Salt and Pepper is a gorgeous place to dine. The chic upbeat vibe mixed with the placid river setting will impress your friends, your date and even your parents.


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