BACCF 2014 Doubles Tournament – Register Today! 4/16/14

BACCF 2014 Doubles Tournament – Register Today!
Sunday, 03/16/2014 – 12:00 pm –
BACCF_flyer_tennisThe Ocean Club
795 Crandon Boulevard,
Key Biscayne, Florida 33149
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Cost: $60 per player $40 per person for award luncheon $20 Children 8 & younger for award luncheon Cancelation fees apply – all reservations must be canceled 72 hours in advance. A $15.00 fee will be applied to all credit card cancelations.

This great tennis tournament brings Chamber athletes, friends and family members together for a day of fun games and networking. Celebrate with all the players at a delightful awards ceremony. You don’t want to miss it!!
Sunday, March 16, 2014

Registration Opens 10:30 am
At The Ocean Club, Key Biscayne
$60 per player
Sum of ages of both players must be at least 70 – rules apply, see bellow!
If tennis is your sport, join us at THE BACCF 2013 Open!

Family and Guests can register for the Sunday award ceremony luncheon!!!
The luncheon will start at 4:00PM and the cost is $40.00 per person, $20.00 Children 8 & younger.

Rules and Regulations
1. Due to time and court restrictions, teams will forfeit a match by failing to appear in the designated court within 15 minutes after the end of the preceding match.
2. Warm-up practice is allowed only before match and shall not exceed 10 minutes.
3. Sum of ages of both players must be at least 70
4. One team player must be a member of the BACCF in good standing or a resident of the Ocean Club
5. First round losers will automatically play in the SILVER CUP tournament.
6. Players must consult the tournament organization at all times, concerning the scheduling of the matches.
7. The BACCF OPEN and BACCF SILVER CUP finals will be played best two out of three sets, regular scoring. A 12-point tiebreaker to be played at six games all.
8. No current or past teaching pros, touring pros, ranked junior players, college and tennis players ranked above 4.5 in the NTRP rating categories will be allowed to play in the tournament. The Organization reserves the right to disqualify any player(s) who belong to any of these categories and have registered to play or have already started to play, during the course of the tournament.
9. In case of a rain delay, match will continue the next day. Sides and the score play must resume exactly where it was stopped.
10. No activated beepers or cellular phones will be allowed in court.
11. The tournament will provide tennis balls, which must be left in the court after the match is finished. The Tournament will not provide referees or linesman.
12. All other USTA rules will apply. All decisions made by the Organizational Committee are final.

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