The Beatles, Higher Consciousness, & Meditation 4/12/14

The Beatles, Higher Consciousness, & Meditation
Saturday, 04/12/2014 – 02:30 pm – 05:00 pm
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114 NE 20 Terrace,
Miami, Florida 33137
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Cost: 30

Inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Beatles went to an ashram in India, practiced Transcendental Meditation with its founder, and awakened to the Transcendent within them. A number of songs about the higher realities of Life flowed out of them in that meditative peace—songs that helped to spiritually awaken a whole generation. As you hear these songs in class, they may help awaken you, too.
Cary Bayer taught Transcendental Meditation for more than three decades and also trained dozens of its teachers, as well. In 2010, he developed Higher Self Healing Meditation. In this enlightening class, he plays a number of Beatles’ songs that were influenced by their spiritual insights; teaches a cleansing breath meditation that they practiced; and guides you through a mantra meditation that suggests the effortlessness nature of the meditation that the Beatles sang about and that he teaches. He’ll also present an introduction to a simple meditation technique that, in the ancient Vedic tradition, is always transmitted one on one. This meditation could be learned at a later date, and practiced daily for 20 minutes at home to free you of stress twice a day, contact the higher Self regularly, and make the great peace and freedom that results a part of your everyday life.

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