How to Find Your Soul Mate 2/1/14

How to Find Your Soul Mate
Saturday, 02/01/2014 – 02:30 pm – 05:00 pm
TCC_Logo3The Chill Concept
114 NE 20 Terrace,
Miami, Florida 33137
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Cost: 30

The Law of Attraction teaches that you attract into your life people and experiences based on your thoughts. This workshop, led by Relationships 101 author Cary Bayer, shows you how to prepare the way for your soul mate to show up by teaching you first how to fall in love with yourself, the basis for drawing that mate to you.
It then shows you how to let the universe know of your readiness for finding your mate—which is an inner process–then how to best let the world know—which is an outer process that involves the people in your life and the dating services on the Internet.
The workshop also trains you how to become magnetic to others, while teaching you the six steps for securing more good dates with people you’re both attracted to and resonate with, to see if such people might be that soul mate. Finally, it puts you on a clear path to looking for love in all the right places—and, magically, finding it.

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