FrameWorks Exhibit Opening 1/4/14

Flowering Meditations Mai Yap And Pauline A. Goldsmith Fine Art Exhibit Artists’ Reception
Saturday, January 4th, 6-8 PM
3196 Commodore Plaza
Coconut Grove 33133

Exhibition January 4th – February 6th

Born in Panama of Chinese parents, Mai Yap has been able to magically blend East and West on canvas.

Within the walls of her parents’ home, she was immersed in the beauty, balance and perfection of millennial traditions passed on from one generation to another. Outside those walls, her senses were overcome by the varied colors, sounds and energy of the tropics. Panama’s natural surroundings provided the perfect artistic inspiration.

Ms. Yap’s artistry led her to pursue the focus of her current work, to change the way people look at flowers –from flowers as common products of nature, to flowers as unique miracles of the earth. Through her technique of “extreme close ups,” she tries to compel the viewer to observe flowers in great detail.

Ms. Yap holds a B.A. in Journalism and Graphic Design from the University of Georgia. She is currently teaching at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens.

“The color in my flowers surpasses shape and form. I hope that they will delight the viewer’s senses and enlighten the mind, bringing great enjoyment.”

Pauline A. Goldsmith has worked in the global bio-pharmaceutical industry for over 37 years, in Europe and the U.S. She now runs her own consulting company, Goldsmith Consulting, in Coconut Grove providing business development and project management skills to small and medium-sized companies. Born in the U.K., she has lived in Philadelphia, Boston and Miami.

Ms. Goldsmith is active in many volunteer positions in the local art world, both in the theater and the visual arts. She strives to help others understand the joy the arts can impart. Her love of watercolors and botanical art are a consuming part of her life.

“My love of South Florida’s lush tropical vegetation has encouraged me to use watercolors to translate their beauty to paper, so that it can be shared with everyone. In my attempts to render these plant likenesses into visual art, I have become attached to their subtle transformations in different lights.”

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