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About Ofer Mizrahi, Founder and Visionary of Miami Ironside Ofer Mizrahi has been an active leader in the revitalization of the Miami Design District community for more than 15 years.

In 2001, Mizrahi extended his efforts to the revitalization of a brownfield—now Miami Art Space, a vibrant epic center of the arts and businesses—in the Wynwood Art District. In turn, there has since been a significant resurgence of activity in this once underserved neighborhood. Today, Wynwood is a dynamic urban creative neighborhood attracting national and global interest and investment. In 2007, Mizrahi was honored by March of Dimes Building Our Community Awards for “Community Excellence in Architecture & Engineering.” Today, Mizrahi—a Board of Trustees member for MOCA North Miami—is the visionary behind Miami Ironside in the Little River Industrial District, west of the MiMo Biscayne Boulevard Historic District. With a European village concept in mind, he has created a modern-day pattern language to exemplify green strategies in the renovation of a warehouse complex, housing and showcasing creative eco-preneurs who want to be a part of a contemporary concept for a live-work community of like-minded designers, artists, creators and businesses. Acquired starting 2003, the site was coined Miami Ironside in early 2008, stemming from its location next to the iron railroad tracks as well as the use of iron throughout the renovation and design of the complexes.

The Wall Street Journal refers to Mizrahi as a pioneer in the community with regard to “seeing the
value” of eco-friendly construction materials, and in so doing, he encourages businesses to set new
standards in “green” architecture and design.
Wired Magazine’s October 2014 interview with architect and industrial artist Ron Arad was quoted as
saying about Mizrahi, “is it an oxymoron to say an idealistic developer? Anyway, he might be one.

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