Winter Beauty in South Florida that only Uni K Wax can provide by Betty Alvarez

South Florida is known for its more comfortable temperatures during the winter season. That is why the “snow birds” come to our vibrant town during this season. However, one does not realize that even if the temperature does not fall below freezing, it can cause some discomfort to the skin if not taken care properly. That is where Uni K Wax comes in.

Uni K Wax is one of the pioneers in waxing, providing the cleanest, greenest and fastest waxing experience on the market. It is where I depend on my waxing needs. It’s safe, reliable, and best of all it does not hurt on my experience. One is out of there in minutes depending on the procedure.
The staff is caring and always reliable to the needs of the client. The great thing about Uni K Wax is that they have many locations near my many stops around Miami. One such stop that I had a great experience is the one at The Palms at Town and Country in Kendall. Cary, my waxing specialist who was assigned to me has been working there since the center opened. I did my eyebrows, around my face and bikini area.

The session started with her asking me how I wanted the outcome on each specific area. When that was done, she started the process. She shaped my eyebrows really well along with some areas on my face. I have done many waxes before at other places but I found that Uni k was the safest, painless, and fastest process that I have experience. She was to the point and got it done quickly as she mentioned the more rapid the session is done the better. Afterwards, she placed a small ice pack pouch in the area to soothe the skin. It really helped and it was not freezing cold. This is a new added bonus to the session as Uni K Wax introduced it. I felt so good, clean, and ready to continue to conquer the day. I will definitely ask for her every time I go there now. However, it is best to make an appointment to ensure your session will start on time but walk-ins are always welcomed.

During this Winter, give the your skin an improvement with a great waxing session. Waxing is one of the best ways to effectively exfoliate your skin and help fight against dryness. It encourages a faster turnover of dead skin cells and regular appointments actually help to improve skin condition.
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