Art Base East: Return to Innocence 12/5/13-12/10/13

Art Base East: Return to Innocence
December 5th (Opening), 9pm-11pm
December 6th – December 10th, 7pm-11pm
Gallery 118 at the Grand Hilton
1717 North Bay Shore Drive
Miami, Florida
Admission: Free & Open to the Public

Hosted by Fabulocity Antiques

As Curator & Art Director of Gallery 118, I extend an invitation for Arts & Cultural enthusiasts alike, to attend ART BASE – EAST: Return to Innocence.
Art Basel is the most celebrated international arts and cultural fair in the world. Each year, people from all over the world flock to Miami to experience the art phenomenon. Before art became commercialized, many artists honored the simplicity and innocence in creating a visual narrative that spoke from the soul. Many still do.

However, with the growing demand and interest in art from novices to seasoned arts and cultural enthusiasts, new challenges have emerged for artists such as securing gallery and exhibition spaces for solo and group exhibits, in addition to securing an agent or representative for the artists work. Economics plays a significant part in an artist movement. Knowing this, I wanted to create a space for artist to be able to present their work without the opportunity to do so, balancing on the hinge of economics and one’s socioeconomic background.

I believe in a world where everyone should be afforded an opportunity to live without constraints that can have impacting affects on the human spirit. As such, I’ve selected a diverse roster of artists to represent Art Base East: Return to Innocence. They represent an international makeup from the continents of Africa, Europe, Asia and South America. More than its title, Return to Innocence allows each artist to share their work without stresses, restrictions, borders, competiveness and no motives. Return to innocence is simply freeing. Welcome to Art Base – East 2013. I hope you will enjoy the film, exhibit, music and meeting the artist, and I look forward to Art Base – East 2014.

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