Photographs of Miami Reggae Festival at Peacock Park on 11/23/13

Miami Reggae Festival at Peacock Park on  Saturday, November 23, 2013.  What a wonderful event; the music was amazing along with the great crowd, food and vendors what a great event.

The Reason:  “As Rockers Movement move forward, we begin a new element to feeding the world vision as needs of the poor increase at home and abroad. Countries and cultures amass daily more stress, starvation, inhumane conditions, whilst at home wasted resources and manpower needed to address worldwide starvation depend on votes and self-gratification. It’s not merely hunger, it’s starvation and the world feels it. Because of you, our audience, Rockers Movement give hope to those in desperate need. You do something bold each time, you join us in support to end extreme hunger and poverty. As Nelson Mandela said it’s not natural it is man made and we can end it. We can overcome it by acts of human kindness. Your ongoing support extends a hand of fellowship and encouragement to those whose lives are touched by your donations and consideration. As our effort to represent you, the Rockers Movement audience continue worldwide, we do our part in Miami with our call to action on November 23rd with the Miami Reggae Festival. Our sincere thanks to those who have so thoughtfully provided your ongoing gift of support and understanding your aid in leaving a legacy of love to last for generations. On behalf of all who have helped, thank you. We look forward to a continued partnership as we seek to bring benefactors and recipients to a closer union. From the bottom of Rockers Movement hearts…THANK YOU so much. One Love, One Heart, One Aim, One Destiny. Keep on Rocking!”

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