SexEd 12/4/13-12/8/13

Wednesday, December 4 – Sunday, December 8th
dash_snow_lehmann_06Always Flowers
60 NE 39th Street
Miami, FL
Up In Arms

Curated by Adarsha Benjamin, SexEd is an alternative, satellite air fair housed in the abandoned walls of Always Flowers, which could be described as an unconventional and up-cycled gallery space with myriad opportunities. Through live performance, sculpture, sound, installation and visual art, a collective of boundary pushing artists will create a plural-sensory experience that challenges the history, definition, and relevance of Sexual Education.

Artists Petra Collins, Adarsha Benjamin, Ryan Heffington, James Georgopoulos, Amanda Charchian, Dugan O’Neal, Lola Rose Thompson, Alia Penner, Gregory Siff, Guy Blakeslee, Cole Sternberg, Future Eyes, and others TBA will use various mediums to explore the theme of ‘sexual education’ – ideas about censorship, the internet, sexual identity, and the future of sex in America provide fodder for this group of young, emerging and established artists. Through performances, lectures, site specific installation and various participatory events, Sex Ed will be a forum for novel discussions about the past, present, and future of sex, in all its multifarious possibilities and expressions in the 21st century.

SexEd attempts to address the nuances of a sexual education – from the classroom, to the bedroom, in different cultures and eras, the lesson of sex is unavoidable. It takes sexual education out of the academic context and into an aesthetic and spiritual context where the erotic heart beats like a mythical tom tom during a humid miami night.

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