Infinite Wisdom Conference 11/17/13

Infinite Wisdom Conference
Sunday, November 17, 2013, 8:00am until 9:00pm
erwh5fHotel Deauville
6701 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL
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Premium Health Conference featuring amazing Speakers / Bestseller Authors in the fields of Nutrition, yoga, spirituality, wellness and music & supporter of Camillus House

Gabriel Cousens MD
at 70 years , is the picture of enduring radiant health. 
He has cultivated his health through a lifestyle he now shares with audiences around the world. Listen as Dr
Cousens shares his wisdom in how to integrate into your lifestyle the components of enduing radiant health. Dr Gabriel Cousens , MD. is the author of the “Conschious Eating” used in naturopathic schools and vegan educational centers around the wold, Rainbow Green Live Food Coisine, a health manuela with recipes anyone can learn, Spiritual Nutrition a guide for your Spiritual Nutrition a guide for your spiritual health , Depression Free for Life, There is Cure for Diabetes and Creating Peace by Being Peace. 
This seminar will feature topics and subjects from each of these works and provide you with a multitude of information that will enable you to begin or enhance your healthy eating life style. 
the seminar will be followed by Q7A session so please have your questions ready and be prepared for some enlightening answers!

Marcela Tobal Benson M.A.
What Do we eat now ?
Display of a healthful kitchen must have , and a practical demonstration of fermented almond cheese , French sauerkraut, spiced farm fresh grape tomatoes. Black Forest truffle! Lick your fingers and roar with radiant health.

Val Silidker MS
Deep Ecologist Val Silidker invites us to explore our intimate connection with the world around us and the common threads that weave us together in the web of life. Through a combination of experiential exercises, meditation and inquiry, merging deep ecology with philosophy and spirit, she challenges our perceptions, deepens our understanding of ourselves and creates a sacred space to explore the depth of our compassion and deepest desires. As we learn to recognize how profoundly connected we are to everything and everyone around us, our sense of self expands and awakens in authenticity, providing us with the insight and strength to move forward in our individual healing and the healing of our world.

Wendi Klein Blum 
Creating Your Love Story, 
Thoughts, Beliefs and Manifesting Your Soul Mate
Many people get stuck in regret, anger or disappointment from a past relationship holding them back from moving forward in their life into a more fulfilling one. You deserve to be happy in love, first with your awesomeness and then with someone that knocks your socks off (if that is what you choose). Wendi’s Manifesting Love Program helps you clear blocked energy, remove negative vibes, and activate your own inner power of love.


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