The Vixen Workout One-Year Anniversary Party with Epic Fitness Concert and After Party 11/16/13

The Vixen Workout One-Year Anniversary Party with Epic Fitness Concert and After Party
Saturday, November 16, 2013
Fitness Concert – 1pm, doors open at 11:30am (no boys allowed)
After Party – 8pm (boys welcome)
Ice Palace
1400 North Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33136

Fitness Concert ONLY General Admission, $25
Fitness Concert ONLY VIP, $40 (includes separate entrance with no wait to fitness concert, preferred access to dance area closest to stage, free water during workout)
After Party ONLY General Admission, $25
Fitness Concert AND After Party General Admission, $40
Fitness Concert AND After Party VIP, $55

New music, new routines and a new year of Vixen’ing to celebrate, ladies 18years+ attending The Vixen Workout Fitness Concert should don their sexy tights and cropped or tied up T’s, lace up their wedge sneakers and gloss their lips and great ready to Twerk. Be prepared to burn some serious calories while chanting the Vixen Workout mantra “Yes, I’m Sexy. Yes, I’m fierce. Yes, I Got. Yaasss”

Doors open at 11:30 am so ladies can claim their spots on the dance floor as well as shop from a selection of top health, fitness, beauty and fashion brands that will be on-site.

The party continues at 8pm with DJ’d dance party – that men can finally attend. The Vixen Workout will transform the Ice Palace into a nightclub where guests 21+ can drink (responsibly), drop it low and strike a pose, a hunger pose that is (one of the Vixen Workout’s signature moves.)

More than 13,000 women in Dade county alone have oohh-ed and ahhh-ed, dropped it low and p-popped till they percolated this past year thanks to The Vixen Workout, the sexy and contagious fitness craze that has infiltrated gyms and dance studios all across South Florida. To honor all the ladies who pack the house each night in classes and to celebrate The Vixen Workout’s one-year anniversary, Janet Jones, creator of the Vixen Workout and her Vixen Army present: The Vixen Workout Fitness Concert, the most epic workout event to hit the 305. Jones and her crew will lead a 90-minute intense dance cardio session on Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 1pm followed by DJ’d dance party at 8pm in the evening that finally guys can attend.

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