Women’s Health Run10 Feed10 Charity Race 10/12/13

Women’s Health Run10 Feed10 Charity Race
Sunday, 10/12/2013 – 07:00 am –
11650 North Kendall Drive Miami, FL 33176,
11650 North Kendall Drive, Florida Miami
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Cost: $40

Timed 10K races will also be taking place across the country in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. People living in Boston, Los Angeles, Miami and Seattle can participate in one of Women’s Health’s “Fun Runs” and if runners do not live in one of our host cities, they can still participate by signing up to run their own 10K. The money from the registration and fundraising efforts will go to their nearest metropolitan area food bank. Download the official, free RUN10FEED10 app to plot your training course.
The day will include:
• An unforgettable experience running at 10K for those in need
• 2013 limited-edition FEED bag
• A special FEED bracelet as a finisher prize!
• Sponsor freebies, giveaways and more!
WHY: Right now, over 50 million Americans are food insecure, meaning they don’t know from where their next meal is coming. The reality is there is enough food in the world today for everyone to get the nourishment they need for a healthy and productive life. The other reality is that we can do something about it. Together, we can make a huge impact in a very simple way. All you have to do is RUN!

WHEN: Saturday, October 12 at 7AM

11650 North Kendall Drive
Miami, FL 33176

Registration Fee: Sign up for Run10 FEED 10 at www.run10feed10.com. Included in your $40 registration is race entry, your donation of 10 meals, and a limited-edition FEED bag.
Fundraising Information:
Women’s Health is encouraging all participants to raise $100. You can start fundraising by going to www.run10feed10.com, clicking on the START FUNDRAISING tab at the top of the page and joining the appropriate city’s RUN 10 FEED 10 fundraising team. Share your page with your friends and family to spread the word! It only takes 10 friends donating $10 each to raise an extra $100 for your community.

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