Friends of Nature Festival 11/9/13-11/10/13

Friends of Nature Festival
Saturday, 11/09/2013 – 11/10/2013 06:30 am – 11:59 pm
NEW-FLYER-FRONTHistoric Virginia Key Beach Park
5055 Collins Ave,
Miami Beach, Florida 33140
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Ticket Prices
GA 2 Day Pass -$100
GA 2 Day Pass at the door- $150
GA 1 Day Pass- $65 (beginning September 20, 2013)
GA 1 Day Pass at the door -$80

VIP 2 Day Pass – $300
VIP 2 Day Pass at the door- $350
VIP 1 Day Pass $170 (beginning September 20, 2013)
VIP 1 Day Pass at the door- $200

Friends of Nature Music Festival (FON FEST) aims to raise awareness about saving the planet through two days of spectacular music, food, entertainment and a wide variety of activities as well as exhibitors. FON FEST will welcome thousands of attendees with the purpose of raising environmental awareness and promoting companies that have green initiatives. Unlike many music festivals, it will source all power from natural sources such as solar, bio-fuel and natural gas generators as well as ensure all products sold remain true to the Festival’s eco-friendly mandate. It will also allow a free platform for several foundations to promote their mission to save the planet. The festival is one of the first comprehensively eco-friendly, interactive music festival to happen in Miami. Ines Galindo and Oscar Diaz, Co-Owners of Eyeness Productions and Co-Founders of FON FEST, along with Festival organizers aim to set the standard for other festivals and events by encouraging environmental protection and sustainability. Every year, the Festival will donate a percentage of the sold tickets to organizations dedicated to protecting the environment. This year, FON FEST’s beneficiary is the Oceanic Preservation Society, best known for producing the award winning film The Cove.

The lineup consists of musicians from all over the world with performance styles that will create a unique experience at FON FEST.
Matisyahu (Headliner on Saturday, November 9)
Café Tacvba (Headliner on Sunday, November 10)
Aaron Lebos Reality, AdiX, Afrobeta, Angel Roman, ArtOfficial, Bachaco, Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime, Bertioga, Chris Roxx, COCODRILLS, Crystal Cadillac, Dinosaurs N’ Disasters, DJ Royale, DJ Vadim, Dub Fx, Dumme Jungs, Easy Star All-Stars, Elastic Bond, EPHNIKO, Escort, FiLiBuStA, Flight Clvb, Free like me, Gil Montiel, Hundred Waters, Idrin, Jahfe, Jason Vernau, Kēvens, Kings of Prussia, KnuckleHead, Krisp, La Vida Bohéme, Lanzallamas, Laura of Miami, Llamabeats, Locos Por Juana, Luis Ponce, Miami On Beat, Mike Pinto, Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich & Fussible, ODM, Off Orbit, Omniscient, Palenke Soultribe, Panic Bomber, Razihel, Sabo, Sanabria, Savy Fontana, Shangri-Lá, Slomo, South Rakkas Crew, Spoonbeach, Telekinetic Walrus, Timothy Brownie, Uma Galera, Universal Citizens, Urban Rebel, We Are Scientists

Also participating at FON FEST is Red Cup Nation, a multifaceted company that focuses on pop culture and all things college. Having perfected the college party scene, Red Cup Nation will be hosting the Red Cup Nation Beach Party. Musicians performing at the Red Cup Nation Beach Party include Clips x Ahoy, DJ Kurr, DJ Volume, and Blunts Over Everything. To learn more about these artists, please visit

FON FEST is proud to host the winner of Cozi TV’s Next Great Family Band, a new series featuring 15 family bands competing to join the ranks of iconic family bands such as The Jackson 5, Van Halen, and The Osmonds. With the help of music industry experts and show viewers, the chosen band will earn the title of the “Next Great Family Band” and kick off the series’ tour at FON FEST.

Full Comedian Line-Up: Brooks Wheelan, Dan St. Germain, Emily Heller, Forrest Shaw, Helen Hong, James Adomian, Jermaine Fowler, Josh Gondelman, Kevin Barnett, Matt Braunger, Mike Lawrence, Nikki Glaser, Oni Perez, Ron Funches, Ryan Stout, Ted Alexandro

Fon Fest Activities & Workshops
1. Experience Twin Hearts Meditation and MCKS Pranic Healing: Green living starts with our thoughts. Be attuned with the harmonious energies of this world and bring harmony to your surroundings. If your body needs to heal, visit FON FEST. Come and experience pranic healing, the ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana (life energy) to heal physical, emotional and mental ailments. You can also start your morning at FON FEST with one-of-a-kind meditation that helps to achieve happiness, improve relationships, and give a heightened sense of intuitive ability, not to mention that it promotes well-being. It will leave you with a relaxed feeling. Join us in meditation before the concerts start or experience the benefits of pranic healing during the day while enjoying the ocean breeze on the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.

2. Eco-xisting / RE-MEMBER: What about those days where all we did was trade our talents and goods for a smile and fresh vegetables from the earth? Come and learn environment design, ecological engineering, ecological design, and help develop sustainable agriculture and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems. Find ways to go back to the basics of human survival by improving our modern ways through remembering our true nature. (Composting – Recycling – Conscious Cosmology – Essential Permaculture – Urban Farming – Raw Food Lectures – Make your own Kambucha & Kava)

3. Natural Instinct / RE-UNITE: Where do we come from? Who are we? What are we made of? and What are we doing here? We may not be able to answer all these questions, but we certainly have a good idea on how they work! The Art of Science & Spirituality combined into one eternal knowledge that is carried out through our DNA. A way to remember how creation came about, it’s purpose, the way it works and how it allows us to manifest our own reality, balance and center our vibrations to resonate in an enlightened frequency. Come and activate your inner sacred knowledge & practice the ways of your true self. (Quantum Physics – Metaphysics – Cymatics – Sacred Geometry – Ecstatic Dance – DNA restructuring – Kundalini Awakening)

4. Metamorphic Flow / RE-MOVE: How to keep our body aligned with our intentions? How to make sure is treated like the temple that it is? How to release all accumulated energy and open obstacles for the light to flow to where it truly belongs? Share the many practices that help realign & center your energy, help you free away from unnecessary pain and stress that could easily be replaced for a amazing feelings inside your body that will stimulate all it’s cells and re-energize them through the power of movement. Join us on clearing all the blocked paths release all tension that does not belong to you anymore. Through reconnecting with our most ancient power, being active and always feeling reborn. (Acro Yoga –  Hoop Yoga – Qi Gong – Tai Chi – Belly Dancing – Capoeira – LEVEL 1&2 Poi, Hula Hoop, Staff, Etc. – The Importance of body movement)

5. Sound Healing / RE-CONNECT: What is in a Sound? A Breath? A Vibration? How are the energies and background noises of our everyday lives effecting our energetic harmonies? And how do we protect ourselves and work with our environment? Learn how the subtle energies surrounding us truly impact our daily lives and moods. And experience practices that will help you to work with these sound, vibrational systems to empower our natural physical and spiritual resonance.

6. Kayaking & paddle board rentals

Fon Fest Participating Non-Profits
17 non-profits have been hand-selected by FON FEST organizers to participate in the festival for free. Each non-profit was invited to help attendees learn about different environmental issues in an interactive manner via numerous activities such as mud wrestling and ring tossing games.
Allove Tree
Art of Cultural Evolution
Dream In Green
Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach (ECOMB)
Florida Yards & Neighborhoods
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center
Miami-Dade County
Miami-Dade League of Women Voters – Natural Resources Committee
Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center (National Coral Reef Institute)
Oceanic Preservation Society
Organizing for Action
Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative
The Big Blue and You
The Guy Harvey Research Institute – Save Our Seas Shark Center
The Ocean River Institute
UM’s RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program
US Green Building Council – South Florida Chapter

If you are planning to camp at FONFEST, we are excited to announce that we will have two amazing areas surrounded by trees, for General Admission and VIP.  The General Admission Campsite is located at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park’s main entrance, near the main grounds and at very short walk from the beach. VIP Campsite is located inside the main grounds at a short distance from the main stage, comedy tent, and the beach. If you are planning to camp with us this year please make sure to fill out camping registration form online to reserve your spot. You will pay at the time of entry but keep in mind that is first come first served. If you do not show up to camp, your spot will be given to someone else. 
Camp Prices are the following:
$15 good for a 5×5 tent
$35 good for a 10×10 tent 
$80 good for a 10×15 or 15×15 tent
$100 good for a canopy

We will not host vehicle camping in order to ensure that we have enough space for each attendee that chooses to camp and to keep our green mandate, but don’t worry, campgrounds are located at a short walk from the main parking lots. We will have tons of public transportation available plus bicycles are welcomed. We will have bike stations set up for you at the entrance, also, there is a bus stop right across from the main entrance of the park with buses coming from several locations. Please keep in mind:
Camping is primitive.
There are no water or electric hook-ups.
There is a bathroom with running water and a shower, as well as portable bathrooms and vendors.
Loitering will not be tolerated and you will be kicked out if you are found trashing the campgrounds.
Please make sure to dispose of your trash correctly as we are trying to improve the park, not destroy it.
There will be numerous recycle bins and compost bins to make it easier for everyone to dispose of our trash. 
You will have a designated spot by number, if you need help finding yours, one of us will be there for you.
Absolutely no FIRES allowed 

Parking, Carpooling & Shuttle Service
FONFEST’s goal is to be friendlier to the planet, which includes less toxic emissions from cars. The Festival is planning to create a much smaller carbon footprint on this Earth so a big part of our green initiatives is to decrease the amount of cars coming to the location. There will be numerous parking spaces in lots and garages, which have designated station pick-up/shuttle points outside of Key Biscayne Island and Rickenbacker Causeway. Festival attendees would park inland and take a shuttle to the Festival, decreasing the amount of parking on-site by almost 50%.

RidePost is a ridesharing network designed to connect travelers and bring down the costs of transportation. It’s a more affordable, friendly, and sustainable way to travel. Whether you need a ride or are offering one anyone can create a post on RidePost’s digital ride board. On the RidePost FON Fest page you can chat with fellow event-goers and browse rides coming in and out of Miami, FL for the event. Visit to post and book your trips to Friends of Nature festival!

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