Sushisamba Owns the Hottest New Breakfast in Town

When you hear the word SUSHISAMBA, you think of, well, sushi, and perhaps that happy little dance local Brazilian chicas do.  But you probably would never envision a savory morning omelette, or a bowl of granola mix with housemade yogurt. That is…until now. SUSHISAMBA has brought it home, and is now offering a variety of sweet and salty favorites for the morning hour. Their breakfast selection is so vast that you will find everything from fruit “batidas” to mouth-watering steak and eggs servings with delicious homemade breads and toasts.

During my visit, I indulged in a little tasting I simply like to call heaven.

The morning began with a sweet watermelon-papaya batida. What I love about these batidas is that you can make your own by choosing the type of water you wish to mix your fruit with, such as coconut or celery water, and adding an enhancer at the end, such as ginger! I enjoyed my watermelon-papaya invention and began the tasting journey to the most delicious breakfast in town. I started with their power breakfast which consists of egg whites, red quinoa hash, Japanese mushrooms and pulled turkey. I know you’re thinking it sounds delicious, and it really was. But don’t get hungry just yet. Immediately after, I was presented with a perfect-sized serving of Sushi Samba’s chorizo dumplings in grilled onions, with avocado and aromatic cilantro puree; another well thought-out combination. The cilantro puree provides a unique aftertaste that compliments the flavors of the grilled onions and avocado quite nicely. Right when I thought my heaven tasting was coming to an end, a surprising serving of chicha morada pancakes with torched bacon and canela butter landed almost in slow motion at my table. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the colorful texture, and the way it looked so enticing.  I was surprised to see chicha morada pancakes on their menu, as chicha morada is a soft drink made of purple corn found in the Andes region of South America. An exotic and pleasant treat, I must say. The journey continued with a classic American breakfast: any style eggs, double-cut bacon, sausages, potato hash, seasonal fruit and toasts; all quite tasty. Moving along (nope, I’m still not finished with my heavenly breakfast), another one of my favorites was the sweet quinoa oatmeal…I won’t tell you about it, you just HAVE to try it. And, lastly, saving my personal best for last, their un-be-lievable Doce de Leite French Toasts served with seasonal fruits and sesame whipped cream. Now do you understand why I died and went to heaven? A new, unique, exemplary breakfast experience unbeknown to you, no more. You simply must try.

SUSHISAMBA is located at 180 Aragon Avenue in Coral Gables, and serves breakfast daily from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Brunch menu is under construction until further notice.

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