For artists BY ARTISTS – Digital presents artist Noel Aquino & photographer Alexia Fodere 8/25/13

For artists BY ARTISTS – Digital presents artist Noel Aquino & photographer Alexia Fodere
Sunday, 08/25/2013 – 07:00 pm –
faba825HaVen Lounge
1237 Lincoln Road,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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Art and Photographic Installation #77 of ‘for artists BY ARTISTS’ presents select pieces of art by Noel Aquino and photographer Alexia Fodere. Join us for the weekly network art salon that features artist and their works in a dynamic environment that’s fused along with culinary delights and music.

Noel Aquino will be highlighting some of his personal favorite pieces while revealing his latest project.

Alexia Fodere will be unveiling her latest photographic series ‘Curves’ which features 15 photographs that gives you a different perspective on the contour of the female body.

The artists…
Artist Noel Aquino
Artist Noel Aquino was born and raised in Varadero, Cuba, and now resides in Florida. When Aquino was nine years old, an artist from Varadero Community Art Center noticed his talent, and persuaded him to attend classes at the center. After two years of training, his instructors encouraged him to apply to The Matanzas School of Art. Aquino was accepted to the school, and spent the next three years there refining his creative abilities and learning about art history. Much of his time at the school was spent under the tutelage of several nationally, and internationally recognized Cuban artists.

At the age of 20, the passion of youth and a non-conformist attitude towards life were reflected in Aquino’s work, and also led him to leave Cuba for the United States. Although he produced many pieces while a young man in Cuba, it has been in the U.S. where he has created the vast majority of his body of work. Much of Aquino’s early material was of the realistic nature, and included intricately detailed landscapes, and portraits. He then moved into a surrealistic period, gradually arriving at his present style, which he describes as “contemporary modernism”.

Aquino has had numerous (solo and group) shows in the Miami, and Tampa Bay areas of Florida, and in Michigan. He has sold well over 400 pieces, and his works are part of private collections in the US, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

Noel’s Artist Statement
Like all evolving artists I have gone through various styles and phases; my present approach to painting incorporates the components of form, space, color, and texture, resulting in works that could best be described as contemporary-modernism. I don’t begin my pieces with a sketch, or an image of something tangible in my head, instead I tap into very basic internal emotions, and incorporate those inner perspectives into my process, effectively using my paint and brush, to translate and record, the “language of my mind” onto the canvas. This is not however, to say that I don’t use my artistic skills, but that I integrate those talents into my method in combination with what flows from my subconscious. I then analyze and “play” with the canvas until I feel that a work is complete. This technique is in essence what gives life to my art.

Once I have completed a painting, the images on the canvas oftentimes evoke feelings of something familiar to the viewer- these perceptions are usually based on a particular object (or set of objects) the individual may have seen in his or her own life. And although, it is not necessarily my intent to induce these perceptions, I do realize that they are in part what draws people to my work, and connects them to the pieces. This in turn brings greater inspiration for my expression; ultimately adding to my intrinsic motivation to paint.

Alexia Fodere
Alexia speaks……
I shape the experience of and interior space with my perception of the light, it’s intensity, it’s amplitude, and its angle. Thrusting the objects in front of my camera in its way, just as the wind would do. Also, the proper balance of the subjects plays a central role enhancing the Designer idea.

Alexia’s work has been published in: Architectural Digest, Florida Design Home & Decor, Florida Design International, Florida Design Palm Beach, Casa & Estilo, Blueprint Directory, Loft, Inside Out, Electronic House, Miami Herald Home, DIning Out and Elle Decor.

An Artists Series by Rod Pratt
Produced by: Sandra Garcia & Associates
Curated by: Ricardo Agudelo Aguillon
Resident Dj: John Jc Corradi | Umber Bandi – Ville | Soulscience | Doruk | George Vidal | Ivan Barreto
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