For artists BY ARTISTS – LIVE w/ Rebecca Barbara | Fred Love | Jessica Loren | Benari Stewart & Guest Artists Exh. Miguel Paredes 8/8/13

For artists BY ARTISTS – LIVE w/ Rebecca Barbara | Fred Love | Jessica Loren | Benari Stewart & Guest Artists Exh. Miguel Paredes
Thursday, 08/08/2013 – 07:00 pm –
fabalive88South Beach Marriott DECO BLUE
161 Ocean Drive,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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Cost: No cover

The monthly artists exhibition for artists BY ARTISTS – LIVE is marching towards Art Basel 2013. A collective effort by 4 artists creating art on the patio of Deco Blue located inside the South Beach Marriott. Photographer Fred Love, Visual Painter Rebecca Barba, Wall Designer -Benari Stewart, & Painter – Jessica Loren will provide viewers with a real time live presentation of their creativity.

Guest artists Miguel Paredes will be presenting an exhibition of his esteem collection.

Enjoy a Thursday evening of Art with an Ocean View on the patio of the South Beach Marriott. Whether your sipping on cocktails or having the artists pairing dinner, you will be immersed in a one of a kind environment.



Born and raised in South Florida, Rebecca Barba is a first generation Cuban-American.

Since the tender age of 3, Rebecca showed signs of creativity. Throughout her early education, she excelled in her art courses, receiving accolades in both school and community-sponsored art competitions. Rebecca earned a Minor in Visual Arts from Florida International University in 1995.

In 2007, she was fortunate to meet and be inspired by visual artist, Pablo Contrisciani, he helped un-lock her expressionistic style. As an artist, her style has evolved through the years, mastering mediums such as: pencil, charcoals, watercolors, pastels and acrylics. Her most recent creations are interpretations of moments in the artist’s life expressed in passionate energized brush strokes of captivating hues. These are appropriately called, “Art of Life By Rebecca B.” A collection of paintings derived from the experiences in the artist’s life; life is what inspires her!


A self-taught photographer, Fred Love works with some of Miami’s most successful modeling agencies, such as WILHELMINA, NEXT, FORD, MC2 and others, as well as some of fashion’s most established super models. Love is notorious for capturing iconic fashion images, and his photography has become an essential tool in helping fashion agents to develop and launch the careers of these models while building a portfolio that will market them in obtaining work from major clients from within the fashion industry.
Fred Love has been featured multiple times on and his work can be seen in numerous magazines, and for luxury brands such as Legitimutt, ishine365 and in GLASSbook. He has been a resident artist at Artwalk in Wynwood, Miami for many years. A major focus in Fred’s career today is to continue to establish himself as a top fashion editorial photographer. When asked to describe what it is about photography that inspires him, Fred explained, “I love telling a story or conveying a feeling through my photographs. For me, it’s all about capturing the emotion and personality of the subject.”


Benari Stewart, Sign Language’s lead
designer and innovator, has provided
high-end, custom-designed wall art to
c e l e b r i t i e s , d e s i g n e r s a n d a r t
aficionados since 2009. Benari’s recent
c l i e n t s i n c l u d e wo r l d – r e n own e d
recording artist Pitbull, various Miami
boutique businesses, and companies
such as Fendi and Design/Miami. These
clients have helped publicize Benari’s
talented vision and custom designs,
while allowing him to focus on his art
and creating new designs.
C o n s e q u e n t l y , S L h a s b e e n
aggressively expanding its market to
include custom designs for universities
and colleges, and custom designs for
larger commercial properties such as
hotels and restaurants.


Jessica is a music fan who portrays her love of music and sound through her art. Her painting are a mixed media process of acrylic on canvas, incorporating metal , glass and other textural components.

Jessica was born and raised in New York and currently resides in South Florida. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout South Florida as well as at art shows and fairs in Florida and New York.

“Even before I was an artists I was a music fan. Music moves me, when I close my eyes I can feel the excitement that comes from the sound of the bass drum just as the performance is about to begin. It’s such a rush of emotions and it’s that feel, the way music transports me, that I hope my painting can express to other. I truly hope my paintings can bring others the kind of joy I find in music.” – Jessica Loren


Miguel Paredes was born in New York in 1966. He is an artist and urban realist who combines the exhilarating sense of New York graffiti art with the skill and perceptiveness of a truly exceptional artist.

Growing up on 72nd Street in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Paredes exuded early signs of artistic ability and accepted an invitation to New York City’s prestigious Fiorello La Guardia High School of Music and Art – immortalized in the musical and movie Fame – in the early 1980s. His studies at Fiorello coincided with the explosion of street culture in the city. Paredes drew inspiration from notorious pop artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring and plunged headlong into the world of graffiti and pop art taking the name “Mist” as his moniker.

Another influential figure in Paredes’ artistic career is his mentor, Ronnie Cutrone. Cutrone was Andy Warhol’s immediate assistant at the Factory during the notorious pop artist’s most productive and prestigious years. To Paredes, his mentor’s paintings are the essence of pop: colorful, lively and highly accessible. Cutrone’s constant use of bright and fluorescent colors not only influenced Warhol’s return to such hues, but shaped Paredes’ color palette choices as well. Paredes’ piece “Ronnie is that you?

Curated by Rod Pratt

Hosted by: Sandra Garcia & Morgan Bryant Schiavone

DESIGNERS & MODEL CASTING by Herbert Piramid (7P – 9P)

Artists Dinner Pairing (3 Course Menu)

Complimentary Valet parking w/ purchase of artists dinner pairing.

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