Summer Beer is Here: Free Tasting #1 7/29/13

Summer Beer is Here: Free Tasting #1
summerbeerMonday, 7/29/13, 6pm
Barracuda Bar & Grill
3035 Fuller St
Miami, Florida 33133-5819

Over here at Grovetoberfest HQ summer is quite a special time. It’s the time of the year when we get to visit other festivals, try new beers, and most importantly, get ready for Grovetoberfest. Yes, we realize Grovetoberfest is in October and summer starts in May, but we have lots to do around here to get ready. For example, we just polished up the Free Tasting Series schedule. It’s not easy picking 7 deserving locations to host our free beer tastings. We also have to come up with interesting themes and write-ups – well, like this one. In addition, our crack graphics team has to pick just the right photo or take the right photo for each tasting. It’s a thankless job and our boss is no picnic. For example, the photo for our first tasting “Summer Beer is Here” had to be taken on-location. We just couldn’t find any stock images that said “summer” and “craft beer.” So our team loaded up the boat and headed to Bimini to take a few rounds of photos just to come up with one good one. As we’ve said before, it’s a thankless job. We chugged along and did our duty in order to deliver the perfect shot for the tasting. Above is the result.

Summer beers are always a favorite, especially in Miami where it feels like summer for 10 months of the year. A former friend of ours used to call these dog days “butt tickle hot.” He meant that it was so hot, that sweat would drip down his back, down his plumber’s crack, and make him tickle. Vivid, but nasty visual. That’s why he’s our “former friend.”

We promise no butt tickling and plenty of great summer beers as we kick off the Grovetoberfest Free Tasting Series at Barracuda Bar & Grill in the Grove. Join us Monday July 29 from 6pm to 8pm. Be sure to get there at 6pm because we only have slots for the first 50 people who come through the door.

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