Parallels Paths diverge, yet we co-exist Opening Night plus Performance 7/20/13

Parallels Paths diverge, yet we co-exist Opening Night plus Performance
parallels_flyerFrontSaturday, July 20th – 7pm-11pm
1310 Gallery, Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts
1310 SW 2nd Ct. (Middle St.)
Ft. Lauderdale, 33312

Admission = Free & Open to the Public

Look at the world we live in. Our simultaneous existence as a generation binds us together, yet we each diverge on different paths.  Our journeys are unique and diverse, yet we co-exist… close in proximity, yet distant, living and transitioning, breathing and traveling together as an expression of the collective self.

The artists in PARALLELS visualize how they are part of a generation that is free to roam and find one’s own particular destination of infinite possibilities. The artists work makes you pause and observe the beauty in the contrasts that connects and divides us as a community- truly unified not only by our similarities yet by our divine right and responsibility to create and evolve differently as individuals. They are inspired by the freedom of being who they are meant to be.

Lopez, a founding member of the 1310 Gallery, which was recently  featured in the Broward New Times as "The Best of Art Gallery of 2013", understands the importance of  reflecting on these Parallels and creates the time and space for diverse visual artists and performance artists to share a reflection of their co-existence.

Visual Artists include: Niki Lopez, Alexis Menendez, Laurian MacDonald, Michael Maccarone, Lucy Stephens , Julian Acosta, Xavier Cortes, Kareem Piper, Marc Cranford, Marc Hilton, Susan S. Buzzi, Beatrice McClelland, Marc Cohen, Cat Rocco, Tabatha Mudra, Jessica Kizorek, Sista Idya, Kaht Marley, Naylet Leon,  Eve Bessendorf, and Vincent Alexander.

Opening night performances include: Profound Breadth, DJ Onestar, Alana DaCosta, Vanya Allen and more.

Community Partner: The FLITE Center – College Boost Program. The FLITE Center, supported by a coalition of service providers, is a central resource for youth that prepares them to live successful lives after leaving foster care.

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