Average Joe Art Sale, All Grown Up edition 7/7/13

Average Joe Art Sale, All Grown Up edition
Sunday, July 7, 2013, 4:00pm until 9:00pm
joeYo Space
294 NE 62nd St
Miami, Florida 33138
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"Just like your kids, at a certain point it’s time for our events to grow up and start demanding more from us. Now that Yo Miami’s monthly Average Joe Art Sale has been around for a little over a year it’s time to take things to the next level. First and foremost, the element of accessibility will definitely be maintained despite increasing the price cap to $500 (previously $250). Just because the maximum price is being raised, doesn’t mean we’re forsaking the more affordable work; we will continue to offer a range of work from $5 all the way on up to $500.

The need for this change has risen from a desire to offer a wider and more evolved variety of work to our monthly patrons. While we’ve been lucky enough in our relationships with local artists to get work drastically discounted specially for us, at a certain point we need to offer artists the chance to fairly value their work too. Not only will this new price point allow artists to show a better range of their existing work, but it will allow us to introduce visitors to artists who were previously unable to participate because of the low price point.

In light of this new development we’d also like to announce another novelty to the Average Joe lineup. Every two months, we’ll be introducing a new featured artist who will be decorating an entire wall with their own installation. We’re excited to announce that Ruben Ubiera (Miami New Times’ Best Street Artist of 2012) is going to be the first in this new series of artists. He will be creating a mural inside the space on one wall, that will also display artwork that he’s creating just for the sale.

Otherwise we plan on continuing to evolve little by little each month, adding and subtracting elements based on visitor feedback. Some minor adjustments to note in particular include our print shop filled with affordable prints, smaller works, and merch ranging from $5-$50; also this month we’ll have The Kult (Wasabi Fashion Kult’s apparel shop) in the house with a pop up shop. As always we’ll have our custom-painted ping pong table open for play, old school video games on a projector, and Los Chamos food truck out front.

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