Summer Festival in the Garden 6/20/13

Summer Festival in the Garden
Thursday, June 20, 12:00pm until 9:00pm
Midtown 34th Street
82 NW 34th Street
Miami Fl 33127

Summer is here and for those of us still in Miami it’s really hot! Come join us for a day of vegan food, water play, gardening, exotic species removal, music and evening film and vegan potluck in the garden. * Our Vegan Pot-Luck has become a competition and who ever brings the best vegan dish wins a freshly harvested Jackfruit!!

Also, we will be hosting the first of a series of barter markets composed entirely of handcrafted and home grown items. So bring and trade your stuff!

As we prepare to move into a larger project in October we are collecting donations for the new space. Please subscribe to our mailing list for further information and updates.

See you Thursday!

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