Ancestral Roots Festival 5/25/13

Ancestral Roots Festival
rootsMay 25 at 2:00pm – 3:00am
Tobbaco Road
626 South Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33130-3016
Unity Is Change
$10 Pre Sale Or Before 3:00pm
$15 After 3:00 pm
Kids Free
Volunteers Free entrance and workshops

The vision of this event is to bring the moments of the present and the past into one. Reliving the rituals, lessons and forms of expression once experienced by our ancestors. Reminding the community of the history that has brought us to where we are now.

We hope to encourage people to become aware of the significance and joy of evolution. Through remembering how far we have come, it may open our minds to understanding with today’s forms of communication, just how far we can go.

Let us spend a weekend in family resurrecting the old ways of life that have been forgotten. Finding the connection with each other and nature, where we teach our kids and ourselves to be kids again. Playing outside and stimulating the brain through art and movement, being active and conscious, remembering our inner power and becoming united with all that life offers.

The creation of this festival is to inspire us to get back to our ancestral roots of not only innocence and inner wisdom but essentially igniting our inner truth of pure love and happiness to the surface.

This memorial will involve a schedule that will consist of kids, adults and family activities such as:

Sustainability & Consciousness, Permaculture, Holistic & Natural Sciences, Arts & Crafts, Dance & Movement, Music & Voice

If you are interested in being a Performer, Vendor or Workshop facilitator call 954.439.8813 or 786.356.7399

Live Music: Conscious Bands, Green Sunshine , Free Like Me , Jesus Hidalgo , x3sr, Tito and the Machine Box, Daniel fernandez, Signal Down, Folk InkWell, Tao Orchestra, Daniel , Cira Capulet, Karina Skye, Emily Sheila , more coming soon

Glow In The Dark Vortex, Mind Blowing Dj’s And Producers, Phantasman , Golden San, Milky , Magical Workshops, Permaculture-Angie & Manny, Pepes Plants , kids Qi Gong-Dr Love, Sufi Opening of the Heart- Bonnie Halima, Qi Gong for Adults-Bonnie Halima, Capoeira-Lemba, Nejma-Belly Dance, and more,

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