Photographs of Zumbathon to Raise Awareness and Funds for Autism by Mr Q 305

On Saturday, May 4th more than two hundred parents, community leaders and supporters participated in a ZUMBATHON at the Jorge Mas Canosa Youth Center, the event was organized by the D Amor Foundation to help raise awareness, and funds, for autism. The money raised from the event will go directly to local families in Miami, to fund activities such as taekwondo, soccer, music, art and also speech and occupational therapies for children or others.

The dancing was led by Zumba Jammer Meli Kirkwood who came from California for this event.

The D Amor Foundation was founded by Maria and Jose Montalvo in honor of their son, Diego, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2. The goal is to help families affected by autism in South Florida and Puerto Rico find resources and access to therapies, which can be costly. Here are some images of the event:

The Zumba Dream Team.

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