Little Havana Art Walk 5/10/13

Little Havana Art Walk
havanaFriday, May 10th – 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Join us the second Friday of every calendar month for Little Havana Art Walk.  It promises an evening embracing all of Little Havana, highlighting its art, dining and entertainment.

Kontempo Art, 1646 SW 8th St., Evelyn Walg, Art as Gift,  Opening Art Exhibit Reception – 7 pm,  Gaby Pino, Astolfo Funes,  George Goodridge, Katiuska Gonzalez, Aurora Molina, Maximiliano Pecce, Nancy Martini, Valentina, Evelyn Walg

Futurama Building, 1637 SW 8th St.,  Mari Carmen, Mari Carmen Opening Reception -7:00 pm, Futurama Building Artists,  Art by JTW, Art by Ninoska,  B.A.D. Brainn Art Gallery, Didi Marchi Art Studio,   Maggie Genova-Cordovi Studio, Mari Sanchez Studio,     Penner Studios,   RafiƱo Art,   Roy Rodriguez Art,   Sacasas Fine Arts,  Santos Fine Art Gallery, Villamil Art Studio

Agustin Gainza Art Gallery
1652 SW 8th St
Agustin Gainza – Moulin Rouge

Calle 8 & SW 17th Ave
Mildrey Guillot Fine Art, Agustin Gainza Art Gallery, Kontempo Art, Obrapia Fine Art Restoration, Unzueta Fine Art, Molina Fine Art

Calle 8 & SW 16th Ave,  Maxoly/Latin Art Core

Calle 8 & SW 15th – 13th Ave
Marta G. Ismail Fine Art
Cuba Ocho Art & Research Center
Art of Freedom

12th Ave & 6th St Art District
Galeria Adelmo
Carlos Alves & JC Carroll Studios
Curras Curras Ceramics 
Ritz on 6th Ceramics
El Fresco
6th St. Dance Studio 
6th Street Container Alternative Arts Space
ArtSpoken Performing Arts Center

Little Havana Art Walk
Futurama Building, 1637 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135

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