Galleria Ca’d’oro and Icon Brickell Present A Night Celebrating the Best of European Art in Miami Reception 4/20/13

Galleria Ca’d’oro and Icon Brickell Present A Night Celebrating the Best of European Art in Miami Reception
Saturday, April 20th, 2013 From 6pm-8pm
Miami_Newsletter.032Galleria Ca’d’oro | Miami
Village of Merrick Park
Suite 1505 – Ground Floor
358 San Lorenzo Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33146

The exhibition will be on display until April 25th, 2013. For more information or to rsvp for the opening reception please send an email to

From Europe to Miami, Galleria Ca’d’Oro in collaboration with Icon Brickell, present the best selection of world-renowned artists under one roof on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 from 6pm-8pm at Galleria Ca’d’Oro’s ground floor gallery at the Village of Merrick Park – 358 San Lorenzo Avenue, Suite 1505, Coral Gables.

The exhibition highlights the works of Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí, the environmentally conscious Cracking Art Group (creators of the iconic pink snails), costume and set designer Ewa Bathelier, eco-friendly artist Erika Calesini, Renzo Nucara, William Sweetlove, Gloria Sesana, Enzo Carnebianca, Ivan Lardschneider and CamBio, among other members of the Ca’d’Oro family exhibited at the gallery.

Featuring over 50 works of art, the exhibition spans from sculptures to paintings. Artist Ewa Bathalier, born in Varsavia, paints large dresses and ballet tutus, transmitting a sense of elegance and timeless fashion, sublimed by a fine minimalism. Her works of art are exhibited in galleries and collections around the world: Paris, Strasburg, Houston, New York, Los Angeles and in prestigious public places, as the Opera, the Citè de la Musique and the Danse in Strasburg. Erika Calesini, the Italian artist with a passion for finding bicycles in the metal collections points; pulls them away from their destiny by offering them eternity by transforming them into pieces of art. The bicycles become paintings, lamps, furniture and anything else that the passion for these objects lets create.

William Sweetlove, born in Belgium, proposes us to re-examine the future and the environment with his colorful toy-like dog sculptures, wearing tiny boots and water bottles, frogs, and giant crocodiles with backpacks and water bottles made out of recyclable resin, plastic, and aluminum. He thrives on the superficial, placing it in razor-sharp contrast to the sententious. Through a number of variations on the same theme he creates friction between the artificial and the substantial, completely obliterating the boundaries between toy and work of art. Sweetlove belongs to the artists’ collective, Cracking Art Group, which consists of six European artists, based in Northern Italy. Together they create colorful larger than life animal sculptures (rabbits, frogs, snails, turtles, dolphins) made out recyclable plastic to bring environmental awareness into the consciousness of society. Active and frequent participants in art events and exhibitions over more than a decade, Cracking Art Group is perhaps best known for their outdoor installations around the world. Their most recent exhibition in Miami was FOReverglades where giant alligators crawled up and down the MDC Museum of Art + Design (also known as the historic Freedom Tower), during Art Week Miami 2012.

Each artist in this group exhibition brings a unique and fresh perspective on European contemporary art. "Icon Brickell is truly one of the masterpieces of Miami`s new skyline design and architecture; for everyone who resides or visits Icon Brickell, art is everywhere around you at this wonderful building.” says Gloria Porcella, co-owner of Galleria Ca’d’Oro. “In partnering with world famous Italian art gallery Ca’d’Oro for an exclusive resident’s event, Icon Brickell is opening its doors and welcoming European art to one of Miami’s finest addresses."

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