12 Nights: R WE WHO R WE 3/7/13

12 Nights: R WE WHO R WE
Thursday, 03/07/2013, 08:00 pm – 09:00 pm
924 Lincoln Rd, Studio 201,
Miami Beach, Florida 33140
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R WE WHO R WE mixes the free theft/collage style of Girl Talk with the raw noise of Merzbow. Philip White’s mixer feedback, controlled through a homemade rig of circuits and low-fi electronics, conjures the sound world of legendary experimental musician David Tudor, but becomes something entirely new when fused with the production aesthetics of pop pioneer Dr. Luke. Ted Hearne’s voice – inflamed, athletic and powerfully stark, with the operatic drama of a latter day Jeff Buckley, the experimentalism of Mike Patton and party chic of Ke$ha herself – does battle with his own auto-tune. A tribute and commentary to both classic and ephemeral artists of the pop landscape, R WE WHO R WE uses pop music like graffiti uses public space, exploiting the tension between theft and tribute, like collage artist John Oswald did 30 years ago with his seminal and mischievous Plunderphonic.

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