Little Haiti Sunday Stroll Launches 3/3/13

Little Haiti Sunday Stroll Launches
yuvalMarch 3rd from 12pm to 6pm
NW 54th Street – NW 62nd Street, and NE 4th – 2nd Avenues

A leisurely daytime walkabout to explore one of Miami’s best-kept secrets

Spearheaded by Yo Miami, the first Little Haiti Sunday Stroll will take place on March 3rd from 12pm to 6pm, and will continue bi-monthly on the first Sunday of the month (May 5th, July 7th, etc.) With support from some amazing local organizations including Sweat Records, the Little Haiti Cultural Center, Moksha Family Artist Collective and more, the community is working together in order to help reintroduce itself to the general population. With newly renovated storefronts, extensive bike lanes, and ample parking, the neighborhood is a region ripe for exploration throughout the day.

While the entire area bordered by NW 54th Street, NW 62nd Street, and NE 4th and 2nd Avenues will be included, there will also be specific “hotspots” revolving around 54th, 59th, and 62nd Streets. With so much free, on-street parking available, visitors are encouraged to carpool down and then hop from place to place by car, or simply bike around. In order to take full advantage of the neighborhood’s charm, the events will take place between noon and 6pm so that visitors can appreciate the unique architecture and aesthetics while they explore.

A full list of participating businesses will be released in the near future, and there will also be artist-designed Little Haiti Sunday Stroll signposts up at each venue. Aside from the usual products and services offered by the participating businesses, each one will also have added features such as food trucks and tie-ins to Haitian culture and experiences.

Evolution: In June 2012, Yo Miami began hosting their monthly “Average Joe Art Sale” in their Little Haiti home, Yo Space (294 NE 62nd St.). There was a great response to the event with people coming all the way from Broward and further to enjoy a leisurely day of art appreciation. Now they’re bringing the Average Joe spirit to the rest of the community so that people can see not only what local artists have to offer, but other types of local businesses as well.

About Yo Miami: What began as a passion for art, music, and Miami has evolved into a positive force within the local scene. Bringing together creatives from all walks of life, Yo strives to shine a light on the elements of Miami culture that should be recognized and celebrated. Connecting venue owners, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and media outlets, Yo Miami are all about connecting creative people with those in need of creativity.

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