Photographs by Bob Quesada from X-Pose Fashion Valentine Bazaar

The old business school model puts it very simple: “The big fish swallows the small fish”.

X-POSE Fashion has turned that Business 101 adage on its head. The quaint boutique has been able to prove that smaller businesses cannot only survive but they can actually thrive even when surrounded by formidable competitors. Just go five miles East or West on Kendall Drive and you will find the giant retailers: lurking, ready to coupon, special-rack or clearance discount their way into retailing battle; Thermopylae got nothing on this.

By now you must be wondering: “Ok…so what’s the secret?”… It is really simple: Social Media… yep … X-POSE Fashion maintains an aggressive campaign harnessing the power of social media to keep their customers engaged and coming back for more. Couple that with one-on-one customer service and they have been able to build a loyal clientele extending all over the U.S. and reaching as far as India. Social media has provided X-POSE Fashion with the ability to transcend physical location, they are on the world stage.

Recently, X-POSE Fashion held their Annual Valentine Bazaar. They invited other vendors to participate:

Nothing Bundt Cakes: “From the first bite, sweet memories of your Mom’s cake, fresh from the oven, gently tug at your heart”.

Lore Accessories: “Mixing foreign and local materials of different textures allows me to create accessories with an international twist. I feel that makes them extra unique!”

Soy Candela Candles: “Are all natural, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.  Simply light, dip in and enjoy!”.

Here are a few images from the event:

Bob Quesada on facebook

Bob Quesada on twitter

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