Madeliene Abling Exhibition & Reception 1/19/13

Madeliene Abling Exhibition & Reception
Saturday, 01/19/2013, 06:00 pm – 08:00 pm
Artist-Reception_v2Williams McCall Gallery
110 Washington Avenue, CU-3,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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Artist Statement

“In the studio, I surround myself with canvases of all sizes. I put mounds of paint on my big glass palette, pick up a painting knife and create seemingly random, textured surfaces on the canvas. The layers and layers of paint become the foundation for the painting’s background. Next comes opaque color; under layers of paint “peek through”, suggesting something hidden and offering depth and visual interest. The shapes inspire the subject; they always become the painting that they are supposed to become. I paint what I love: adult beverages, the musical instruments of jazz, strong coffee. I paint in a bold impressionistic style. I love thick, juicy paint, loose shapes, the smell of the studio. I paint because it fills me with a sense of wellbeing, of belonging, of total “be in the moment” consciousness. I am never closer to myself than at those moments.”

Madeliene Abling

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