The Half-Naked Truth About Miami Velvet

by Ari Kane (@Aricurian) & Daniella Veras (@_DaniMiami)

Hedonist Shedonist

When one first arrives to this 20,000 square foot spot, it is much like any other weekend at a swanky nightclub.  Dozens of well-dressed patrons wait in line to enter past the enormous black-suited gatekeepers.  Scantily clad women in mile-high heels and sultry teeny dresses arrive arm-in-arm with their companions. Yes, we are all very familiar with this typical Miami scene.  What you may not be familiar with is that this is Miami Velvet!

Just off the Palmetto Expressway, Miami Velvet is a swinger’s club, safely nestled in its own secluded corner and with good reason.  They are known for their very strict rules protecting the identity of their members.  The usual connotations with swinging range from perverted, old men to wild, crazy orgies.  Curiously enough, most of the members are not swingers.  The common thread they do share is an open mind and adventurous spirit. Let’s face it, most people go to a club in hopes of finding someone to, uh… “connect” with. Some of us have even seen people “connecting” in some of our most exclusive and expensive nightclubs.  Here, at the very least, we are all pretty clear about the intention and the nature of the club, though it is NOT mandatory or required.


Pretty swanky, no?
Photo Credit: JVS Photography

Upon entering, you see a dance floor flanked by two bars.  The club is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle).  They provide the mixers and serve you graciously. The main area is very well furnished, with comfortable sofas and to (no one’s surprise) a couple of stripper poles. In all, it provides for a very relaxed, spacious and fun environment. VIP areas are available to be reserved for special occasions, as well. You may be surprised to learn that most of the people we encountered were actually quite normal, very attractive and fully clothed (assuming mini-dresses count as clothing).  Like any other establishment, they were drinking their preferred beverage and dancing to the awesome tunes.  Since it was New Year’s Eve, there was a giant martini glass with our friend, a gorgeous, bikini-clad, goddess dancing seductively inside of it for our viewing pleasure.  At midnight there was a champagne toast and confetti, making for a very festive and visually enticing way to ring in the New Year.

She put on quite a performance!

She put on quite a performance!
Photo Credit: JVS Photography

Besides the main room, the club contains a small cafeteria with different types of hot food and desserts, a pool hall, and another dance room where naughtiness is very much welcomed. This room had private, canopy-style beds with curtains, if privacy is desired. If not, you are welcome to leave those curtains wide open to put on a show.  At one point late in the night, two sexy girls sampled each other’s treats in one of the beds attracting some on-lookers, while many others carried on with their salsa dancing.  No one seemed to mind either way.


Doesn’t this look fun and comfy? It is!
Photo Credit: JVS Photography

On the other wing of the club, there are two major areas where all those mischievous thoughts you have been imagining have the potential of actually manifesting.  On one side, people can remain clothed (or not) and choose from over eight different rooms where they can “play”, watch others “play”, be watched, “play” with others or “play” in absolute privacy.  The other portion of the club you DO have to be somewhat unclothed to enter. There is a locker room to change and stow one’s belonging before entering this section of the club. Only towels, underwear and/or nudity are allowed. This section contains couches, beds, private rooms, open rooms (no doors) and a huge lush orgy room. There were many couples playing, watching and enjoying throughout the night. We spoke to a couple that is in a strict monogamous relationship but enjoy having sex in a room knowing other people in the adjacent room are doing the same. They enjoy the scintillating sights and sexy sounds which they say amplifies their sex lives and orgasms.


This is a view of the main lobby surrounded by both private and open rooms.
Photo Credit: JVS Photography

We spoke to Jesse & Jessie the sweet  monogamous couple who handle the marketing for Miami Velvet. There are many preconceived notions about the swinging lifestyle which include: it is deviant, unsafe, and only for freaks and weirdoes.  They explained that swinging is a very female-dominated lifestyle and are typically the ones to get their male companions involved.  Even if, as we all imagine, it was the man’s idea, usually it is the women that initiate contact with other women. There is a real sense of empowerment for these women encouraging them to take charge and explore their sexuality as, admittedly, many are bi-curious or bisexual.  Most men are just happy to be along for the ride, even if it means only watching. Miami Velvet provides them a safe, comfortable venue for all to explore their sexual boundaries in an open way.


These are just a few of the private rooms with exclusive original artwork. Why pay for a hotel when you can play onsite?
Photo Credit: JVS Photography

With the divorce rate hovering at over 50% and clandestine extramarital affairs potentially making up the other half, people involved in the swinging lifestyle cherish their open, honest relationships. We met couples that partake in full swap, where both partners have relations with the other partners of a couple.  We encountered couples where the woman only participates with other women while the men watch and even couples where the woman has relations with other men and the husbands do not participate.  All members shared the same sentiment: they are thrilled there is a safe place they can go to meet like-minded couples to dance, drink and potentially engage discretely.  How do they make it work?  Good, old-fashioned, honest communication. This characteristic was shared by all the couples we met. They talk about their expectations before the experience and debrief – good, bad or indifferent – afterwards.  The importance is keeping the lines of communication open.

The club keeps it fun by having different themed parties and costume soirees. A membership, however, is required to join in on the fun.  There are nights when only couples and single ladies are allowed in and other nights where single men may come.  There is also an online site where future or existing members can connect and receive deals on admission at Whether one is eager to dabble, watch or just curious as to what the lifestyle is all about Miami Velvet is the perfect spot to get your feet (or anything else you desire) wet.

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