kickstART 1/13/13

Sunday, 01/13/2013, 09:00 pm – 03:00 am
602949_563418973671961_1658133262_nCHALK LOUNGE
MIAMI, Florida 33139
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Here’s a quick breakdown of our THIRD official “kickstART” soiree coming back on 1/13/13 by popular demand.

(Think indoor artwalk meets urban bazaar).

We have 2 amazingly talented artists going head to head in a live art battle for 2 hours! (The amazing Ken Nytburn and Tony Surphman will be our battle artists for this edition). If you’ve never seen artists go at it on a very large piece of masonite, then this is your chance to check it out. The line work, and immediate improvisation that happens within a 2 hour time frame can be intense to watch. 3 lines can become machine guns, 1 twisted shape becomes the outline of a melting world a la Dali… it is awesome to just sit back with a beer/cocktail and watch.

A handful of large TVs, and a sweet projector screen showcasing young/untapped photog work, performance art, maybe a music video by Michael M in there too, and some “B-Boy” battles on screen…just to keep it funky.

A litter of “pop-up shops” where local artists can hock their latest creations; moderately priced canvas work, chic toy designs, one-of-a-kind sneaker remixes, even some fresh underground couture for clients willing to wear and show $upport to new, independent, color-loving artistes. If you like something, you can buy it… that simple.

Invitees from local galleries, scenesters, business owners, boutique managers, all of my friends, maybe a blogger or 5, some paparazzi to keep us on our toes, and YOU!

For the art fanatics on a budget, we are having an hour worth of free vodka cocktails, when you send us your RSVP. Send your name and your guests names in a quick email to, and make sure to put “kickstART” in the subject line.

We are totally stoked! Things are really coming together, and we have no one to thank but you guys! We are beyond grateful, and blessed. Think of this event as our way of taking the love you show us day to day, and paying it forward to fresh talent without much needed Miami connections. We are still open to ideas, and there are 4 slots available for “pop-up stores”. Please feel free to LMK if there is something you’d like to see at this event that we are missing! Thank you. See you 1/13/13

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