CASK at Cannonball 12/19/12

Wednesday / December 19th, 2012, 8:30PM / 9:30PM / 10:30PM
cask_nickCannonball (formally known as Legal Art)
1035 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL

Tickets are $10 online (available until 12/18/12) / $15 at the door (on 12/19/12)
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–CASK is a site-specific show, which premiered at the 6th Street Container Alternative Art Space on October 26th. We are looking forward to bringing the show to this new venue, with a new look, for this new season!

CASK brings new life to Edgar Allen Poe’s classic: The cask of amontillado. The 20 minute, site-specific performance is a fusion of dance, theatre, music, and visual arts. It is an evening that runs like micro/theatre, with three scheduled runs of the show. The grandiose, Montresor, has invited her guests to attend her dinner party… This captivating experience dives deep into the subconscious of the hostess, and brings to life the vivid psychosis of someone who’s sanity is rapidly unraveling. Though it doesn’t take long to recognize that something is just not right with Montresor, one can only imagine the secret she is hiding from everyone…

Set installations, designed by Magnus Sodamin, immediately set the tone for the night; and avant garde makeup and costuming by Veronica Ortiz, transfix the eyes. Rainer Davies and Dion Keith Kerr IV further navigate the tale with their musical composition; bringing to life the hauntingly hypnotic performances of the dancers.

Montresor (ghost of the past):
Fortunado (ghost of the past):
The Twins:
The Butler:
Dinner guests:
Aisha Sofia Duran
Marissa Alma Nick
Pioneer Winter
Rainer Davies & Dion Keith Kerr IV
Magnus Sodamin
the audience

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