Havana Fusion Underground at PAX by Bob Quesada

The sound is flawless. The melody emanating from the twelve musicians known as: Charanga Tipica Tropical is as good as good will ever get. This is a cohesiveness which can only be achieved after nearly forty years of playing together. It is the fusion that we know as “salsa”, being played the way it was meant to be played; with violins, flute, piano, trombones, bass, and of course: percussion, plenty of percussion.

On the dance floor some of the best dancers anywhere are going all out. Now, this is not the watered down stuff that you see on some tv shows, nobody here is dancing for ratings, they are dancing for the sheer enjoyment of moving their bodies to the rhythm of the music, and the moves are simply amazing. The dance floor is big enough to accommodate pros and amateurs alike, everybody has a smile on their face.

“Havana Fusion Underground” is the brainchild of Rene Gueits, a salsa dancing master himself and owner of “Salsa Lovers”, Miami’s premier salsa dancing school (98,000 students so far…and counting). Gueits has brought together the band, cigar rollers, a dance art exhibit, a dance showcase by the salsa lovers student team and even a latin food truck to make this an unforgettable event in what could easily be described as the most eclectic place to party.

We are at the Performing Arts Exchange or “PAX”, a venue preferred by some of the best known international artists such as Ricardo Arjona, Chino y Nacho and Gaby Moreno just to name a few. There’s reason for these artists to want to perform here. Roxanne Scalia, one of the founders explains it this way: “PAX is about finding the authenticity in art…everything we book at PAX is very scrutinized…we are an independent performing arts center…we focus on latin and world music …we have over 740 yards of acoustic sound” she adds: “My whole intention of opening this place is I want every customer to walk out with something more… when you give good art, you walk out that much smarter”.


To find out about Salsa Lovers:  www.salsalovers.com

To find out about events at PAX:  www.paxmiami.com

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