Incan delights, entertainment, and art crafts all enjoyed at Taste of Peru By Betty Alvarez

Taste of Peru’s 3rd Gastronomic Festival definitely gets better every year and this year is no exception. The festival featured more than 100 exhibitors, restaurants, food and beverage providers, hotel, tourism, fashion, arts & crafts, jewelry and real estate from this Incan country. The food is what really brought to me. Not only that the Peruvian South Florida restaurants were present but also restaurants from Peru itself came to this yearly event.

Other than the traditional ceviche, other peruvian delights were Lomo Saltado (chunks of meat, onions, and french fries) served alongside white rice. Aji de Gallina was another favorite consisting of shredded chicken with Peru’s finest yellow sauce complimented with white rice, Arroz Chaufa (Peruvian Chinese rice), Rocoto Relleno (Peru’s hot pepper filled with chicken or meat), Causa (made with potatoes and chicken or tuna), Anticuchos (beef hearts skewers), and for dessert none other than the Picarones (Peruvian doughnuts). Oh my goodness! The tastiness, the crunchiness, the savory food is what I really enjoyed.

At night, guests enjoyed “Noche de Jarana” an after hours party Peruvian style where music by many Peruvian groups and some of the restaurant booths stayed open and the Pisco Sours kept on flowing. The Peruvian Paso Horse show was very entertaining as the “Chalan” Peruvian cowboy delighted the crowd as the horses “danced” with a particular Peruvian folkloric dancer.

It was such a good event and I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to next year as it will be an even better one!!

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