12 Nights of Electronic Music and Art: Guitars, Bass and Electronics 11/16/12

12 Nights of Electronic Music and Art: Guitars, Bass and Electronics
Friday, 11/16/2012, 08:00 pm – 09:00 pm
BonacossaHarold Golen Gallery
2294 NW 2nd Ave,
Miami, Florida 33127
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12 Nights of Electronic Music and Art:
Guitars, Bass and Electronics
featuring Bryan Jacobs, Federico Bonacossa and Kyle Motle
Harold Golen Gallery, 2294 NW 2nd Ave, Wynwood Art District, Miami FL, 33127 
Friday, November 16, 2012 at 8PM
More info at http://12nights.org/Season5/season5-9.html

Contact: [email protected]
Admissions: Free

Tonight we are presenting three musicians from Miami and New York performing on guitars, bass and electronics. Federico Bonacossa’s curiosity about the current guitar lead him to create a national call for works. Out of 100 submissions, Bonacossa selected 4 finalists. Kyong Mee Choi’s It only needs to be seen (one of the selected pieces that is presented tonight) was inspired by the Steve Hagen’s saying, “Truth does not need any explanation. It only needs to be seen. The only way we can be free in each moment is to become what the moment is.” Choi wants the  audience to experience being in the moment through the stream of sound that does not need any explanation but only needs to be heard. Bonacossa’s Sequitur VIII will feature a canonic layering of real-time audio processing in MAX/MSP. The Miami-based up-and-coming bassist and composer Kyle Motle will join Bonacossa in Tragos for double bass and live electronics that explores scratch tones and open strings. Bryan Jacobs’s Trigger will investigate the idea of presets in music. In fact, there are as many triggered presets as there are notes in this work! Compact Scecenes will feature Jacobs on guitar while operating fixed and live electronics. “This piece has a little to do with Milli Vanilli mouthing the words and a little to do with extending the acoustic tradition.”BJ

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