A Visual Diary of Jaime Ferreyros photography show 11/10/12

A Visual Diary of Jaime Ferreyros photography show
98Saturday, November 10th from 7-10pm
The Lunch Box Gallery 
310 NW. 24th St.
Miami, FL 33127

A Visual Diary of Jaime Ferreyros is about the everyday journey of a man who finds himself in deep connectedness with his iPhone… every step of his way. This show is exactly the brief, overt result of those private dialogues between Ferreyros’ personal eye and the eye of his device. His point of view shapes the world he sees, as soon as his iPhone then reinterprets what he wants it to interpret, once again. A fresh and spontaneous image is charged with mood and even with time, through additives like textures, scratches, blurs and vignettes, giving us the clues to his wide sensitivity: from nostalgia to logic, from curiosity to abstractionism, they all become part of this visual diary of his inner world.
Creativity and technology are automatically married when speaking of such an in-vogue trend like iPhoneography, where taking and editing pictures with the Apple’s iPhone becomes to many, an individual process of artistically documenting and registering "that" which immediately surrounds them.

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