Peruvian Food invades Miami with the Opening celebration of MPP Brickell By Betty Alvarez

Downtown Brickell which is no stranger to fine dining establishments and now is about to get a culinary boost Peruvian style as the world renowned Mi Propiedad Privada (A.K.A. MPP) madesits way from Lima to the Magic City in the NEO Vertika Building. MPP celebrated their grand opening of the restaurant that has been awarded accolades for years in Peru. The red carpet event featured a ribbon cutting ceremony with an array of celebrities.

Chef Jose “Coco” Mendoza who is the owner and head chef of MPP in Lima, Peru considers himself a chef who specializes in expressing the sights, sounds, and tastes of Peru through his cuisine. The slogan at MPP Peru is “El sabor de la experiencia” or “The taste of the experience”. MPP’s cuisine is inspired by the ocean and boasts an amazing array of variety. Ceviche is only the tip of the iceberg at MPP. Chef Mendoza’s MPP over the course of 14 years has won countless awards, among them being included as one of a selected few who can use the official “Peru” logo alongside their brand, obtaining a “Bizz Award” and many others to date. MPP is a celebrated restaurant among locals, tourist, and celebrities.

Being only one of five Peruvian franchises to be able to branch outside the limits of Peru, Jose Mendoza quickly reached out to friend and associate Henry Malpartida (Peruvian born and current Brickell resident) to bring their award winning Peruvian cuisine to South Florida. Brickell seemed to be the obvious choice. Its multicultural population and vibrant nightlife is a perfect back drop for MPP’s US unveiling. Mr. Malpartida has a wide network that he has built within the business community will tie into this fabulous new venture, complimenting the established credibility with the Mi Propiedad Privada name. Joining in the venture is Hector Malpartida whom also has an extensive network and has been in South Florida for over a decade. He will join his brother in all efforts for MPP Brickell.

MPP prides itself on delicious food and amazing presentation while never losing its Peruvian essence. MPP Brickell plans to keep in line with its award winning ways as Chef Jose Mendoza has finalized the menu for the South Florida opening. A few of his favorites are the Causas Festival, which contains causa a la olive, with prawn, crabmeat causa and passion fruit causa. Another favorite is the Mixed Carpaccio which boasts thinly cut flounder slices, octopus and seashells, bathed in a sauce of lemon juice al natural with garlic. For the person who is simply looking for the classic ceviche he recommends the “Grandmother’s Ceviche” which is a flounder Ceviche using his grandmother’s recipe.

MPP has garnered worldwide accolades on the shores of the beach in Lima, Peru. The Miami team which features talent straight from Peru is looking forward to sharing their award winning recipes with the South Florida public.

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