Wine Tasting at The Four Seasons by Bob Quesada

It is 7:00 PM and we are on the “Outer Edge”; that is the bar space across from the “Edge” restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel on Brickell… and yes… when they say: “…one of the most spectacular venues in South Florida”; they are not exaggerating…it is!

Wine educator Barry Alberts is about to take our palates on a tour of the west coast wine regions: Californa, Oregon and Washington. All of the selected wines happen to be perfect for pairing with Thanksgiving dinner (Turkey and Ham) and all are highly rated.  Barry, a west coast native who has been in the wine business for thirty five years, is an affable, articulate and down to earth individual who’s passion and knowledge for what he does becomes apparent the minute you meet him.

The setting is casual and the people that have gathered around the bar are talkative and friendly. We begin with a light Sauvignon Blanc and proceed to a Chardonnay followed by a Pinot Grigio, as we continue to move through the eleven varieties chosen for the evening, Barry makes comments and asks for feedback. The experience is enjoyable for both: the novice as well as the seasoned connoisseur.

After eleven different wines, talk about the harmony of fruits, acids and tannins and trying to determine the finish we come away with a deeper knowledge of wine and a renewed enthusiasm for what is poetry in a bottle.

All the wines tasted were moderately priced between $14.99 to $22.99 per bottle at full retail, the special tasting price is about 20% off.

If you are looking for which wine to serve with your holiday meals or if you just love wine, this is the place you need to visit. You will have the opportunity to taste a great selection of wines before you make your decision, this could be the best $20.00 you ever spent on wine.

When:   First and Third Fridays of each month

Where: Edge Restaurant on the Four Seasons hotel’s 7th floor (1435 Brickell Ave.)

Cost:     $20.00 per person


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