Reptile Day 11/3/12

Reptile Day
Saturday, 11/03/2012, 10:00 am – 06:00 pm
Miami Science Museum
3280 South Miami Avenue,
Miami, Florida 33129
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Reptile lovers and those who want to learn more about the intriguing creatures are invited to attend Miami Science Museum’s Reptile Day on Saturday, Nov. 3. Reptile Day will include entertaining and interactive activities about many different reptile species including:
• Meet and greet with Animal Planet’s Gator Boys celebrities Chris and Ashley
• Python Control in the Everglades presentation by Shawn Heflick, host of National Geographic’s Python Hunters
• Live venomous snake handling show by Venom One
• Eyes and Ears (invasive reptile detection and reporting training) presentation by Everglades Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (ECISMA)
• Alligator aquaculture presentation by Gatorama
• Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission airboat display
• Live invasive reptile display by ECISMA
• Reptile artifacts from MSM Collection Vault
• Live python animal presentation by MSM herpetologist
• Turtle race
• Eat Like a Reptile by Kat Duran
• Outdoor tables featuring Venom One, FWC, ECISMA, Shawn Heflick of National Geographic’s Python Hunters, Gatorama, Animal Planet’s Gator Boys celebrities Chris and Ashley and Gator Boys merchandise sale, Zoo Med prizes, Eat Like a Lizard

Arts & Crafts activities will include a sea turtle craft, spiral snake craft, and chameleon camouflage challenge (learn how camouflage is used as a survival technique as you color the chameleon to make it disappear into the background.)

Fun-filled floor demos at Reptile Day will be:
• Alligator vs. Crocodile – Think you know the difference between the two? Complete our venn diagram to identify the characteristics of each, then visit them in our Wildlife Center.
• Sea Turtle Bingo – Grab a “turtle egg” and follow the life stages of a sea turtle as you play this game of survival.
• Reptile Scavenger Hunt – Complete the scavenger hunt to learn more in-depth info about our reptile residents.
• Feeding Frenzy – Match the prey item to its reptile predator.
• Guess the Number of Eggs – Clutch size (the number of eggs laid in a nest) differs greatly among lizard species. Can you guess how many eggs each species lays?
• Lizard Personality Quiz – Lizards have interesting personalities, just like we do! Take this personality quiz to find out which lizard you fit in best with.

Reptile Day is sponsored in part by Venom One, ECISMA, Gatorama, MSM Collection, Zoo Med, GEICO, Tom Crutchfield, and United Pet Group, Inc. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Donald Uricchio at [email protected]

Included with Museum admission. Students (with valid ID), seniors (62+) and children 3 – 12, $10.95; adults are $14.95. Admission is free for Miami Science Museum members and children under 3. Parking is free.

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